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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Regeneration X by Ellison Blackburn

I am so excited to have this new author and her debut novel on my blog today!! I've written a review below, so be sure to come read it!

If Charlotte Rhys Fenn could do it all over, knowing what she knows now, she would be different.
Charley leads a comfortable life with her best friend and perfect match, Michael, a man with whom she shares two lovely pet children (canine and feline), and a home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She’s fortunate to have a caring and supportive family, and two amazing friends, Inez and Becks. Professionally, she holds a secure position as editor of a respected healthcare magazine. Her life is settled, as is her future.
Acquiring this existence of hers hadn't been easy. For at least twenty years she felt like a wind-up toy, methodically following preprogrammed rules—step one ... step two. She even imagined herself as a minuscule, but essential, cog inside a big machine with the mechanical brain. No matter what she tells herself, it hasn’t helped since another thought flutters through her mind as frequently: Going through the motions is the same as coasting toward nothingness.
It is 2025, the time is right. Technology, in a rapidly advancing world, makes it possible to reimagine the future by recreating the past or, more aptly, by creating another past.
Charley must either embrace her well-earned, sedate lifestyle, or invite a change that could alter her future irreversibly. It's a difficult decision, one that could destroy all she has endeavored for, turning their life not only upside down, but backwards, forwards, and inside out.

Ellison Blackburn is a full-time designer/web developer of fifteen years. Ironically, she often waxes nostalgic over simpler days. Her passions include writing fiction and poetry, painting, and collecting vintage thingamabobs.

Raised in Chicago, she relocated to the Pacific Northwest where she currently lives with her husband and three beastly, furry children.

She is a writer of fiction and poetry and the internationally published author of Regeneration X.

This book was really intriguing. It was a unique idea and really made you think about what you have in life and what you want in life. If you had a chance to go back and change your past to effect your future - would you?
Ellison Blackburn has woven an imaginative, though provoking story. Imagining what could be and asking questions of what the world is becoming and what technology is leading to, along with personal questions of where we are in our life, where our pasts have lead us, and what would happen to our future if that changed. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone. It's an enjoyable read!

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Miss Match Tour and Review!!!

I AM SO EXCITED to have Author Lindzee Armstrong on my blog today! We met at a writer's conference about a year ago and I've loved watching the progress she has made since then!
with her fabulous books and wonderful personality, you can't help but love this author. And her books are just as sweet and fun as she is!

So, with that lovely intro - I introduce to you ..... AUTHOR LINDZEE ARMSTRONG!!!

Author Bio
Lindzee Armstrong met her match at Utah State University, although she was technically in high school at the time. She and Mr. Armstrong became engaged quickly, and fell in love even quicker. He wasn’t a high school student, but still thoughtfully offered to take her to prom in her wedding dress. She declined. Wearing the wedding dress before the Big Day just seemed weird. A few years after getting married, they welcomed twin boys into the world.

Lindzee loves chick flicks, ice cream, and chocolate, like any true romantic. She believes in sigh-worthy kisses and happily ever afters.

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MISS MATCH is finally here!
(To celebrate, it's on sale for $0.99 this week only. Sale ends May 10th!)



Billionaire CEO Luke Ryder doesn’t want to hire his best friend, Brooke, as his matchmaker. Not when he’s been in love with her for eight years. Too bad she doesn’t see him as relationship material and is engaged to another man.
If the matchmaking company she works for closes, Brooke is out of a job, and Luke is out a best friend. There will be nothing stopping her from moving to Italy with her fiancĂ©. And Luke isn’t about to let that happen.

Brooke’s dream career may be crumbling, and she will do anything to keep Toujour in the black. Even recruit Luke, America’s favorite bachelor, as her next client. Surely his perfect smile and swollen bank account will send clients swarming to their doors.
But when matching up Luke works a little too well, Brooke wonders if she’s with the right man. Maybe she should finally forget Luke’s playboy image and admit he’s changed. All Brooke has to decide is if she’s willing to risk her heart.


I have not read the first book in this series (Meet your Match) but I found that this book (Miss Match) can really stand on it's own feet. I didn't have to read the first one to really get to know and love these characters. I was fully invested from the start of the book and read it easily in 2 days (it would have been 1 day if I didn't have to go to work!).
It was so easy to read, so easy to love, and clean. I didn't have to worry about what might happen next. I found myself rooting for the characters, guessing what they would do next, and desperate for them to figure it all out.
Fantastic read, sweet romance, and an amazing story overall. If you love romance, this is definitely a book for you! I will read it again and again, I have no doubt. And I will easily recommend it to others too. I would easily give this book 5 Stars!

Excerpt from MISS MATCH:

Brooke focused on her laptop screen. “I already filled in all the basics for you—name, age, occupation, that sort of thing. Hope you don’t mind.”

Luke put a hand to his chest in mock horror. “I thought only a client could fill out this questionnaire. Isn’t that what you told me last night?”

She rolled her eyes. “I can delete it all and we can start over.”

“No, no.” He sniffed dramatically. “I can tell you’re trying to get rid of me as quickly as possible.” And there he was—a glimpse of the old Luke.

Brooke grinned. Maybe this matchmaking thing would be good for him after all. “Okay, first question. What qualities are you looking for in a partner?”

“Oh, that’s easy. Someone hot.”

Brooke burst out laughing. “And what exactly is your definition of ‘hot?’”

“I’m looking at it.” Brooke’s laughter died. Her cheeks heated, and she looked away. “Be serious.”

“I am.”

“Luke, you can’t tell me I’m hot.”

“Why not? It’s true.”

“Well, because . . .” Because Antonio would hate it. Because I’m glad you find me attractive. “Because I’m engaged.”

Luke raised an eyebrow. “Being engaged doesn’t diminish your hotness. It’s not like there’s a rule against complimenting you.”

“Maybe there should be.” Her heart pounded.

“We don’t want to mess up our lucky number fourteen by adding another rule.”

“Fourteen isn’t a lucky number.”

“Relax, Brooke.” Luke motioned to her laptop. “Honestly, I want someone compassionate. Someone loyal. I want a girl who cares more about others than she cares about herself. Someone who likes me for me and not for my money.”

“That’s a pretty generic answer.” He shrugged. “I could make up something better.”


Also, Because Lindzee is excited about this book--and to celebrate Mother's Day--the short prequel novella, Meet Your Match, will be FREE on kindle from May 6th - May 10th.

So you can get both the novella and novel for less than a dollar, this week only! Get your copies before the prices go up!


And I hope you enjoy Brooke and Luke's story.

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