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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A-Z Blogging

Ok everyone who looks at my blog ....

For the month of April I am going to be completing the A-Z Challenge. This means that every day of the month (Excluding the 4 Sundays so that we have exactly 26 days) I will be posting a new blog starting with a letter of the alphabet.

April 1 = A (Write about a topic that starts with the letter A, such as Apples or Appreciation)
April 2 = B (Write about a topic that starts with the letter B, such as bad eggs or blue skies)
April 3 = C
etc, etc until April 30 = Z

To learn more click on the badge to the right of my blog post here (A-Z Challenge) and get ready for a month of blogs! 26 days of topics, my opinions, informational pieces, and funny stories. Come visit every day and see what I've got for you :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Writing and Exercise

So I am seeing a pattern here .... it's Thursday again and I'm writing on my blog.... maybe Thursday will be my new official WRITE ON YOUR BLOG day. But then I remember that I never actually write on here when I mean to, and therefore it would be silly to designate a specific day as I will probably not stick to it.

That being said, you can see why I struggled with balancing time between writing and exercising. I always say I'm going to exercise, just like I say I'm going to write on my Blog on a certain day, and then I don't do it. I admit, writing takes precedence - as it should, of course. As an author, isn't that what we do?

So I am always wondering about the balance between writing and remembering to exercise. I know I need to exercise. It's good for me! And I actually do like exercising when I remember to do it - or find the time. But therein comes the problem - I will never find time because all of my spare time is spent in front of a computer typing my heart out. By all accounts I am living the dream of many writers in that I get to write almost all day, if I so choose. This is my full time job. So then comes the question, do I take full advantage of that, or do I take the breaks to go and exercise?

I did find one solution for the balance between the two:

Yup, I could totally do this ..... except that I see the small problem of getting so into my story that I forget to keep walking and fall flat on my face. That could be a minor issue.
There is also the much suggested idea of sitting on an exercise balance ball while typing. Again, I'm not actually convinced this does much, since I do it all the time and I'm not really finding a difference. Actually there is one difference - my chair is a lot more bouncy and sometimes I get distracted bouncing up and down  when I should be typing ....

So where do I draw the line, put down my writing, and go exercise?