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Friday, October 31, 2014

Phobic Book Tour

I was so excited to get the chance to review and post about PHOBIC BY CORTNEY PEARSON!

This book has caught my interest from the first moment I heard about it. One, because it is not anything like the books I usually read (I simply don't do horror) and two, because despite it's genre I was captivated by the idea of this plot!

With that being said let me tell you about it!!

Cortney is a talented author and it's been a pleasure getting to know her! So let me tell you all about her cause you are all bound to love her too!

Author bio:
Cortney is a book nerd who studied literature at BYU-Idaho, a music nerd who plays clarinet in her local community orchestra, and a writing nerd who creates stories for young adults. She lives with her husband and three sons in a small Idaho farm town.



Barnes & Noble: 



And now for this amazing book!!

Fifteen-year-old Piper Crenshaw knows her house is strange. It’s never needed repairs since it was built in the 1800s, and the lights flicker in response to things she says. As if those things aren’t creepy enough, it’s also the place where her mother committed murder.

To prove she’s not afraid of where she lives, Piper opens a forbidden door, which hides a staircase that leads to the ceiling. That’s when the flashbacks of the original residents from 1875 start, including a love affair between two young servants. Each vision pulls Piper deeper into not only their story, but also her house. Piper confides in her best friend, Todd, whom she's gradually falling for, but even he doesn't believe her. At least, not until her house gets axed during a prank, and the act injures Piper instead, cutting a gash the size of Texas into her stomach.
Piper realizes her house isn’t haunted—it’s alive. To sever her link to it, she must unravel the clues in the flashbacks and uncover the truth about her mother’s crime, before she becomes part of her house for good. 


Oh My gosh! I could not put this book down!
From the first line it hooks you in and you are dying to know what happens. It was so well written and the characters seem to come to life. The imagery is fabulous without ever getting graphic or gory, and despite the genre it did not give me nightmares. The idea was unique and so well crafted. And the story itself! Ahhh - there is not enough I can say about the story, especially without giving too much away. But I completely fell in love with the characters and their story. Even my husband got into it and we sat speculating on what and how and why things were happening. We simply had to finish it to really figure it out. It definitely keeps you guessing all the way through and then it clicks so well into place. So well put together. I would easily recommend this to anyone, even if it's not your typical genre. I could not imagine myself reading, let alone loving, a book like this. But I did, and I do! So worth the read!

And to help you decide, Cortney has made it easy! The book is on sale right now!!

Also, while you're at it, go enjoy reading what others had to say about this book on this tour!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Marie's World Book Tour

Today on my blog we are featuring Kristal McKerrington's New book:

So let's take a look first at the author:

Author Bio:

Kristal McKerrington is from Scotland, UK. She has a love for Scotland and for Vikings. Kristal has been a professionally published author since 2010. She writes erotica, young adult, thrillers and all different kinds of romance books.
She's represented by Gilbert Literary Agency. She is the former writer also with Calling Spots Magazine. She writes for Reem Vision. She works with her co-author Joe E Legend on a line of books, which started in 2013.
She's been a professionally published author since 2010. She's a former writer for Calling Spots magazine. She created and wrote on Romance and The Wrestler for Bishop-Lyons Entertainment. She's represented by Barone Literacy Agency. She's been a best selling author for XoXo Publishing. She's appeared on TMZ a few times and writes with Reem Vision.

And now ...

Marie's World tells a tale of love gone wrong, of doing the right thing even if it hurts and how to survive when your world is turned upside down.  Famed dancer, actress and Reality TV star Marie returns from LA to her hometown in Scotland to escape the fall-out from the damaging revelations in her twin sister Layla's thinly-disguised novel. As she attempts to rebuild her life and career with her partner Derek, Marie's long-repressed memories and emotions come flooding to the surface, and she finds herself menaced by the world of her former husband, the only man she has ever truly loved and now her most dangerous adversary.

Buy Links:

Barnes and Noble



Marie's world was a book unlike any I have read. It took me into a world of street dancing and wrestling. Definitely a world I have never been in but it was interesting to learn about and see how the characters interacted and thought. Also, it took us to Scotland, and who would say "no" to that? Throughout the book there was a sense of desperation, betrayal, and wanting to make like better and change the past. It was a balance of wanting what was right and wanting to keep those Marie loved from hurting more. Definitely an interesting read and fun to experience a new style of life from inside Marie's world.

Don't forget to check out the other blogs on this tour!!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Legends and Lore Book Tour Featuring M.K. Wiseman

Legends and Lore: An Anthology of Mythic Proportions 

A little about the novel:

Delve into myth and legend, where the Fates force post-modern man into a world of the unknown—a world long since dismissed as ignorant superstition.
The Brother-Sister Fable by Alyson Grauer: a young boy disappears into a realm where only his sister can follow.
Faelad by Sarah Hunter Hyatt: Claire Whitaker didn’t even know she was Irish, let alone The Morrigan, the goddess of war.
By Skyfall by Emma Michaels: a mer-couple from Atlantis find themselves in the middle of a human murder investigation.
Charon’s Obol by. R. M. Ridley: Jonathan Alvey didn’t believe in gods, until he helps a lost child find her all-powerful parents.
Peradventure by Sarah E. Seeley: a jinni must choose between the woman he loves and destroying the city that persecuted her.
Natural Order by Lance Schonberg: when Carlos Vasquez is kidnapped, he discovers powers within himself to change the world.
Two Spoons by Danielle E. Shipley: A little girl’s soul meets its match in the family diner’s most mysterious patron.
Grail Days by A. F. Stewart: Living forever has its drawbacks, especially when you spend it clearing away the messes of other immortals. Downward Mobility by M. K. Wiseman: they say love conquers all, but can it save a Valkyrie when she breaks all the rules?

Legends and Lore: An Anthology of Mythic Proportions

Today's Feature Author!

M. K. Wiseman is a librarian who recently decided that it would be fun to try her hand at the creation of books instead of mere curation. A 'method' writer, she likes to first try out the worlds that she builds. This has, admittedly, led to some strange results. (For example, she once elicited funny looks at her daily coffee shop by adopting a British accent for one day. We're all in trouble once she decides to write a space novel.) In addition to the dozens of stories currently marinating on her hard drive, she maintains two blogs, “Flying the Blue Pigeon” and “Millicent and Rue.”

Q & A with the author!
How did the idea for this story come to you?
“Downward Mobility” actually grew out of a different story that had been rattling around my hard drive for a little under a year. What I ended up actually writing drew inspiration from my time working in a law firm. I guess I just let my imagination run with the idea of a very tired Valkyrie.

What makes your main character unique?
Honestly, I don't view Amelia as all that unique. While that may not come off as a ringing endorsement, it is nice to have a relatable, down-to-earth character. Even with her supernatural background, Amelia has a human boldness, humor and capacity for love with which we 'mere mortals' can identify. Perhaps a thousand years amongst our kind has given her more humanity than even she expected.

Is this part of a series?
Not at this time. Unless . . .  

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
I'm still not sure I am one. :) In all seriousness though, I have always wanted to tell stories. Animation was actually my first love and writing simply grew out of that.

What have you written?
I've published “Downward Mobility” as well as another short story in Xchyler Publishing's Mechanized Masterpieces Steampunk Anthology. In the hopper: I've over a dozen longer works in various stages of completion and I maintain two active continuing story blogs.

What are you working on?
I'm currently trying to put the finishing touches on a rather massive steampunk/fantasy novel while also trying to work out the bugs on three different short stories. 

How do you write? Longhand, typewriter, laptop, tablet?
I write near everything longhand; little yellow legal pads in a leather carry case. (Yes, I now have an entire desk full of filled notepads.) I type everything into the computer later—generally creating more typos than if I'd started digital.

What is your writing zone and how do you get there?
The zone is whenever I write and the results aren't total garbage. The aforementioned yellow legal pads have scores of pages with lines through sections I have deemed 'unworthy' of seeing the light of day. Sometimes the act of writing is just getting pen on paper, while other days the results are pure magic and I know I have found my groove.

What’s the hardest thing about writing?
The time spent. It really does take massive amounts of time. 

What’s the easiest thing about writing?
The ideas. When I started out I had one idea and worried that it was all my brain was ever going to produce. Then I had another idea, and then another one . . . which, of course, leads directly to the hardest thing about writing for me. ;)

What are you currently reading?
J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion. Fantastic book.

Do you prefer reading eBook or paperback?
I have a Nook and have sometimes read on my phone but prefer paperback.

What advice do you have for fellow writers?
Keep at it! Embrace what creative avenues your brain goes down and be true to yourself. Don't write a thing just because it's in style, write it because you'd love to read it, because the world needs that story. (Oh, and the librarian in me says: read a lot!)
Legends and Lore: An Anthology of Mythic Proportions 

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cover Reveal for J. Scot Savage's book Case File 13 Zombie Kid

The cover that the Whitney award finalist, Author J. Scott Savage revealed to us on Tuesday was amazing, right? (Click here if you didn't get to see it!) Well, today we have cover to share with you from his other amazing YA series, Case File 13.
First, for those of you who didn't get to see his author bio on Tuesday, lets help you guys get to know the man behind the amazing books real quick!

Author Bio:

J. Scott Savage has returned after being lost in a Mexican rain forest. His office is now filled with Mayan scrolls, hieroglyphics, artifacts, and star charts. His children and children-in-law, Big Nick, Erica, Scott, Natalie, Jake, and Little Nick, look pale, and claim to be cursed. His grandchildren, Gray, Lizzie, and Jack, are heavily wrapped in mummy-like bandages. And his wife, Jennifer, has reportedly been seen glowing green and hexing the neighbors.

You can visit him on his blog or on Twitter @jscottsavage.

Praise for Case File 13 Zombie Kid (Book 1 in the series):

An Amazon Best Book of the Month 
A Whitney Award Finalist

“Sure to please young readers looking for a thrill. It’s hard to imagine that readers (particularly boys) won’t enjoy every minute of hair-raising fun.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review.

“With its mix of creepy chills and laugh-out-loud humor, Zombie Kid is the perfect book. Nick and his friends are my new favorite people.” —James Dashner, New York Times bestselling author of The Maze.

Now about the book that this absolutely AMAZING cover is for! Here is the back cover blurb:

BEWARE! This is not your ordinary back-cover blurb! 
(It may cause uncontrollable giggles and/or out right laughter.)

-->You hold in your hands a very sinister story.
I have searched every nook and cranny to compile the evidence in Case File 13. Now, in this book, you will find the next eerie installment in the adventures of Nick, Carter, and Angelo, three monster-obsessed boys whose harmless trip to Mexico turned into something so horrendous, so revolting— 
Wait a second, Mr. B! You’re making this whole thing sound way scarier than it really was. Maybe dial it back a notch?
But Nick, it is that scary. In this volume alone there are haunted pyramids, alien artifacts, and even a mummy with a terrible curse. 
True, but there’s also the part with the hidden treasure, and the time when Carter used his knitting needles to—
Yes, all right, you win. Now if you’ll excuse me... 
You hold in your hands a very sinister, VERY SILLY story, following the WACKY adventures of three boys whose expedition to Mexico turned into something OUT OF THIS WORLD. This is the fourth volume. Read on if you dare...

Totally hilarious right?!?!? 

You should be totally eager to take a peak at this cover now.

Are you READY?????

Amazing cover, right? Leave your comments for the author below!!! 

If this isn't awesome enough for you, Author J. Scott Savage ALSO set up a Rafflecopter for all of you wonderful fans! Be sure to get your name in the drawing! J Scott Savage is giving away a free book and these fantastic paperweights as well:

Click here to join in the  Rafflecopter giveaway!
The drawing ends tonight!!!!

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Review for The Accidental Apprentice By Anika Arrington

 The Accidental Apprentice by Anika Arrington
The Accidental Apprentice by Anika Arrington

Excerpt from the book!

“Marco,” I called into the empty air.
“Calico,” came the whispered response in my ear. I felt the familiar weight as he materialized on my left shoulder. I shivered as his sleek tail wrapped around my neck.
“You know I hate it when you do that.”
“Yes,” the cat demurred, jumping to the floor. “But someone has to keep you on your toes.” The barest hint of a lisp played at the edges of each syllable. It was annoying, especially coming from something that shouldn’t talk. But Marco Calico was no feline; he just liked the look. And since his natural form tended to cause blindness after much exposure, the tame Siamese was preferable, regardless of the speech impediment. “Besides, you need the stimulation,” Calico finished.
 “I need a new employer,” I corrected, “and a sedative.” 
I fell into my thinking chair as Marco inspected the mirror. No reflection for him either. For a mirror to accurately reflect an inter-dimensional shape-shifter, let alone make the image appealing, would have resulted in an impressive explosion. I tucked the notion away for a night when the baron was out and obscenely loud noises wouldn’t earn me a dressing down. 
Marco Calico placed one soft paw on the mirror’s sleek surface. It rippled ever so slightly, before a thread of electricity jumped out of the silvered glass, singeing his fur.
“Barking hedgehogs! What on earth did you trap it for?” 
“No fiddling,” I chuckled. “Besides, what makes you think you can improve it?”
He sniffed. “I know what you need better than you do.” 
“Most people don’t tolerate that kind of cheek from their pets.”
“Most people’s pets aren’t psychic and capable of moving through time and space at will,” he reminded me. “Besides, you like the company. Who else could you possibly talk to?”
“I could turn you into a human,” I threatened.
“You wouldn’t dare!” Calico’s back arched and his eyes blazed white. The tips of his ears caught fire. 
“You’re right. I wouldn’t,” I conceded. “You’d be far too handsome. We’d never keep the serving girls off you. I can hardly persuade them to stop touching you as it is.”
Calico snuffed out his ears. “It’s not my fault you aren’t a cuddler.” He winked. “So, what are you going to do about the mirror? You are on a deadline.”
“Bigger!” I hollered, projecting an exact replica of the baron’s mustache onto my face. Calico’s tail twitched.
I shrugged and let the illusion fall away. “I’ll reinforce the glass and the frame and put a temporary expansion charm on it for tonight. When it shrinks back down, the baron can tuck it away somewhere. The image will wobble some, but nothing anyone will notice.” I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. “No one ever notices.”

The Accidental Apprentice by Anika Arrington
Find Arrington on the web: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads
The Accidental Apprentice by Anika Arrington
I was a bit unsure about this book at first and a little confused because there were several points of view. But they took life so quickly that it was surprisingly easy to follow along and really get into the story. I loved the world that Author Anika Arrington is intriguing and left me wanting more. The magic was unique and original. I especially loved the idea of markings! (You'll know what I mean when you read it.) Each character had a very distinct personality and came to life in a very real way. I enjoyed the story and it went by so quickly I was surprised when it was over! I can't wait to read more.

The Accidental Apprentice by Anika Arrington