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Friday, June 28, 2013

It's official - I'm getting Published!!!!

Today Pandamoon Publishing made the official announcement!
I am officially their newest author and opening a new Genre in the Pandamoon Family!

I'm so excited!!!!

So here's all the information that lead to this fantastic point in my life!

In March, Twitter held a #pitmad party - standing for pitch madness. In this party you post a pitch for your manuscript in 140 characters. I admit I had never limited my pitch down to two sentences before, but after watching people post for over half an hour I thought "You know, if I don't at least put something out there, I will regret not having participated in some small degree" so I did.

I admit that I thought my pathetic little pitch did not portray my book well at all - but within 2 minutes I had a request to see my query and 5 pages. That's when I panicked. I had participated because I didn't think anything would actually happen and I just wanted to say "I was part of that event"
Not only that, but I actually had a few other bites too.

I jumped on facebook and begged - yes literally begged - several people to look over my MS and make it look good. Then I sent it off to all those who had requested it.

Several weeks later, to my complete astonishment, I was asked for a full manuscript!

I panicked again, sent it out to all my beta readers, pulled long hours with little sleep to edit it to perfection, and sent it out. Then I waited and crossed my fingers and hoped

When I received the Email from Zara Kramer at Pandamoon I actually glanced at the first line, that showed up on my phone, and instantly dismissed it, not taking in the words, and thinking it was from someone that I needed to reply to later.

About 10 minutes later my brain kicked into action and I realized that what I had read was not something to ignore, and was not just a regular email that could be pushed off. It read "Congratulations on a great novel! The acquisition team voted to move forward with your book. I'd like to set up a conference call ..."

I started shaking! Then I read it again and opened the email fully to finish reading it. Then I kind of freaked out. I ran in and woke up my husband by saying "Babe, I need you to wake up right now!"
He, of course, thought something was wrong and was saying stuff like, "What happened? What's wrong?"
I made him sit up and I put my phone, with the email on it, in front of his face and told him to read it out loud because I wasn't sure it said what I thought it said.

It did! :)

He read the first part (as posted above) and stopped, grinned and tackled me in a huge hug! "You did it! It's going to be published!" he yelled. Meanwhile, it had finally hit me and I started crying! Yup, lots of tears and laughter and more tears!

Needless to say that for the next several hours I was up in the air, calling a few people, replying to the email, crying some more, and calling a few more people (mostly family and only 1 very good friend). Also following up with the other places that had my manuscript as well.

So, after a wonderful conference call with Zara Kramer, I considered everything and decided that they really would be a great company to work with. So I went for it and got to work: looking over a contract and discussing thing with my lawyer. Already Pandamoon has been fantastic to work with - answering all my questions and negotiating the contract to everyone's satisfaction. I couldn't be more pleased. Several weeks later, I officially signed the contract!

I'm so excited for this new stage of my journey to begin.

What am I doing now? I'm editing, of course! And I'm working on a new novel as well - I talk about it in an interview posted by Jackson Baer, aslso a Pandamoon Author. (Read the interview here)

Thanks to everyone who helped me get my manuscript to this stage! Thanks for everyone who will continue to help me as I continue on this journey.

Being an author is a continual process - as I'm discovering. I'm always learning and progressing. So as always, I am An Author in Progress and I'm excited to share my experiences with you all!

Rebecca Lamoreaux


  1. Rebecca,

    Congratulations! Oh my goodness, that is so exciting! I am so excited for you! <3 When you have a blog tour/cover reveal and all that other stuff ready, let me know! I am totally there! My blog is open to you and your book(s) anytime!


  2. That is so awesome. I want to hear the pitmad pitch. Congrats and best of luck on a long and successful writing career.

  3. Congrautlations! So so exciting.

  4. That's awesome, and and awesome story of how it all played out. Looking forward to seeing your book published!

  5. Thanks everyone! I am so excited that I've been bouncing around the house and I can't stop smiling - nor can I seem to focus on editing which I desperately need to finish :) AHHHH!!! I'm so happy!

  6. I want to hear the pitmad pitch too! This is nuts! I'm so excited for you. The book sounds awesome.

  7. Ok, for all those who want to know what my pitch was for #pitmad that caught Pandamoon's interest, here it is:

    1 lady, 3 gentlemen: 1 traitor, 1 spy, 1 liar, 1 double agent. Who will be hung for treason? The best friend, brother, or lover?

  8. Congrats, Rebecca! I will definitely help you out with your cover reveal and blog tour! My email address is lpmoviegoer (AT) gmail (DOT) com, so you can contact me with that info when the time comes. :)

  9. Wahoo! Congrats again, so exciting! I love your husband's reaction - your biggest fan, as always. :) I love your pitch, too, I can't imagine having to put my whole 200+ page "baby" into a sentence, but you did great! :) Enjoy the next part of your author journey!

  10. I'm curious, Rebecca, what attorney did you use to review the contract? Were you able to negotiate that you (the author) retains movie & foreign rights?

  11. Congratulations. An exciting day for you!!


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