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Friday, June 21, 2013

Monique Bucheger

Monique Bucheger is revealing the new covers of her books!

I've read all three books and really enjoyed what I was reading so I'm going to share them here for everyone else.

Please read my reviews of each of these great books!
The Secret Sister's Club here
Trouble blows West here
Simply West of Heaven here
These books are great and I would recommend them to anyone! Talk about family, dealing with issues in the preteen years, and about friendships. I really enjoyed them!

Author bio:

Monique Bucheger was born in Landstuhl, Germany to active duty Air Force parents. After watching her creative writing teacher's astronaut son lift off in the Space Shuttle Endeavor, she recalled a promise to her teacher to write the books only she could write. In January of 2011, her first book made it through the first 3 tiers of Amazon's National BreakThrough Novel Award Contest to the top 5%. In November of 2012 Mrs. Bucheger was offered a 3 book contract for her Ginnie West series. Book one: THE SECRET SISTERS CLUB: A Ginnie West Adventure was published March 8, 2012. Her second book: TROUBLE BLOWS WEST: A Ginnie West Adventure was published April 14, 2012. 
Mrs. Bucheger has championed the cause of children as a foster parent to over 120 children and her books embrace and empower people on all sides of the child abuse issue.

Monique is also offering a great deal where you can buy her book and get several books for free or at .99 each.

People buy SIMPLY WEST OF HEAVEN through this link: 

And then go here: and read the instructions and click on the Book Bomb poster. This will take them to a site where they leave their email address and the confirmation receipt number so I can forward all the links for the free and nearly free books. They enter the info and I send the links. Please connect to her link here for more information. Also don't forget to  enter the Rafflecopter  here on Monique's page where she will be giving away some great stuff!

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