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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Unknown Elf Book Tour!

Today we welcome to my Blog ... Author Karlie Lucas!!

She visited a while back with a cover reveal and today we get to know more about her!

Author Bio:

Karlie Lucas is a preschool teacher by day and a writer/artist by night. A graduate of Southern Utah University, Karlie received a B.A. in Creative Writing, with a minor in art. She is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, The International English Honor Society, as well as ANWA, the American Night Writers Association.
Karlie is interested in all things magical and mysterious, especially elves and dragons. She is an avid fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling.
When not writing, Karlie can often be found drawing, baking, watching her favorite old school shows, or just spending time with her family. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband and a cat named Kally.

Twitter @karliemlucas


Book Blurb:

Marie never expected to wake up in North Pole City, let alone become Santa’s Emergency Replacement. It was a job she never wanted but couldn’t turn down, thanks to Clarence, Santa’s right hand man.
Now, Marie has to work with Clarence, who believes she is some kind of criminal who will cause the destruction of everything he holds dear. Trying to prove that he’s wrong, Marie keeps making mistakes that push them even further apart. It doesn’t help that she has a past she’d rather keep hidden. However, trying to keep her past where it should belong isn’t easy.
Just when Marie starts to feel like things are coming together, a madman with a bone to pick, and Christmas to ruin, threatens the whole of the North Pole Organization. Marie must rely on Clarence and her new friends to help her face her past before Christmas is gone forever. But does she have the courage to truly be herself when it could mean losing everything?

Check out the great trailer for this book!!

My Review:

I enjoyed this book immensely! I read it very quickly - it's easy to read and fun. The characters have unique personalities and I love the twist on elves and the running of the North Pole. Karlie's imagination is great and it really pulls you into a world of fun, fear, and bad guys who want to take down Santa Claus! I loved it - especially the awesome moves one of the elves uses when she has to make her point to a bad guy.
It's a clean book full of fun an adventure along with lessons of overcome the past and trust again. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a chance for hope, second chances, and delightful fantasy. Not to mention it's a Christmas book - so what's not to love?

Pick up you copy of the book here:


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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day 12: Angels from their Realms of Glory by Michael Young

Final Day of the Christmas Book Blitz Count Down! We've had some great books and I hope you all enjoyed it!!

Day 12
12 Days of Christmas Book Blitz Event

Something very special about today ...

**Author Michael Young is donating all proceed from sales of this book to charity!!**

Book Blurb:

Christmas carols capture the spirit of Christmas like nothing else, and Carol of the Tales and Other Nightly Noels brings beloved carols to life like never before.
Throw your cares away with the tales from sweet silver bells. Follow the story of the one creature who was stirring on Christmas Eve and feel the redemption of a dying wife’s parting Christmas gift. Experience all this and more in these heartfelt, entertaining tales donated by a team of authors from across the country, teaming together for a good cause.*
Covering twenty-five stories--one for every day through Christmas itself--this anthology is ready to become a new advent tradition for your family!

*All the proceeds from sales of the anthology are donated to charity.

Author Bio:

Michael is a graduate of Brigham Young University and Western Governor’s University with degrees in German Teaching, Music, and Instructional Design. He puts his German to good use teaching online German courses for High School students. Though he grew up traveling the world with his military father, he now lives in Utah with his wife, Jen, and his two sons. Michael enjoys acting in community theater, playing and writing music and spending time with his family. He played for several years with the handbell choir Bells on Temple Square and is now a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
He is the author of the novels THE CANTICLE KINGDOM, THE CANTICLE PRELUDE, THE FROZEN GLOBE, PALADIN PAWN, and THE LAST ARCHANGEL. He is also the author of the inspirational pamphlet PORTRAIT OF A MOTHER, a contributor to the anthologies PARABLES FOR TODAY and DARK STARS, the co-author of VOICES IN YOUR BLOOD and the author of several web serials through His most recent works are SING WE NOW OF CHRISTMAS, and CAROL OF THE TALES and ANGELS FROM THEIR REALMS OF STORY, three anthologies of short stories with the proceeds going to charity. He has also had work featured in various online and print magazines such as Bards and Sages Quarterly, Mindflights, Meridian, The New Era, Allegory, and Ensign.

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