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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Book Tour: Termination Rule by Alaina Stanford

Book Tour:

The best rule to avoid an active shooter is prevention. But what happens when prevention doesn't work?
Jake's first job working in the warehouse for Mason introduces him to Devin, a retired undercover police officer. As head of security for the entire contact center complex Devin's influence gives Jake the courage to save a young office assistant, Mia from Paul's unwanted advance.
When Paul is terminated and returns to the complex seeking revenge Jake turns to his new mentor for help. Will Jake escape the active shooter? Will he be the hero once more and save Mia from a fate worse than death? 

Author Bio:

 I have one of those brains that won't turn off at night. Many nights I would distract my intellect by revamping a movie, book or TV show in my mind. I would twist and turn the plots and characters to achieve the ending I preferred. That developed into side stories about my favorite minor characters. Each night I fell asleep in the middle of a grand adventure. It wasn't long before I began to create stories of my own and put pen to paper.

I love a good adventure. I love a good romance. As the mother of seven children, I also learned to love to play video games. One day it occurred to me to write an adventure that flowed like a video game and I added a touch of romance. Thus, Hypnotic Journey was born. The HJ characters are like a family to me. They are foolish, daring, resourceful, passionate and dedicated to their friends.

My love for Science Fiction gave birth to the Treborel Series. It’s a paranormal Sci-Fi romance featuring a psychotic villain and a multiple layer
of hero's fighting to survive the chaos.

I write about how friendship and love can carry you through situations that you might not otherwise survive. You will find my stories exciting and steamy, but I am not an erotic writer. My stories fade to dark when the steam begins to rise, but take it from me, the steam does rise and emotions do soar.

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“Hey Jake,” Paul’s voice called from the center aisle. Jake froze. He was close. Paul continued, “Bring Mia to me and I promise I’ll kill you fast. I swear she won’t suffer either. I just want her in my arms when we die. It’s a Romeo and Juliette thing, you know how it is. She and I are fated to die together. Give her up. No more games asshole. You’re not getting out of here alive. Why don’t you come out and face it like a man?”

Jake’s blood began to boil. He lay Mia gently down on the scattering of gift boxes and brushed a strand of hair from her face. “I won’t let him hurt you anymore.” Jake whispered.

He turned and made his way along the wall. He was able to rise to his full height beneath the leaning stack. Jake kept his head down and moved slowly toward the end of the stack. A smoky haze thickened around him. The warehouse was growing warm. The snap and crackle of flames reached his ears. The fire was spreading. Jake reached the end of the stack. He could see the light of the exit sign glowing nearly half way down the wall beside the stack standing across the aisle from him. He peered around the edge of the stack toward the center of the warehouse. He could see Paul moving slowly in his direction searching for them.

Flames flared up behind Paul racing across the pile of fallen stacks toward him. Jake glanced back toward Mia. Paul was right, they were out of time.


A little bit about the characters you will see in this book:

high school football player, works part-time at the warehouse, has a crush on Mia

daughter of Jake's father's janitor, car pools with Jake from high school to work

trying to live down a shady past and start a new life

Olympic ski hopeful, in love with Bash

 small town sheriff, best friend to Jake's dad, married to Bash's sister Amy

contact center director, friend of Jake's father

retired undercover police officer, now head of security for Mason's contact center and warehouse

Jake's dad, owns a large luxury home construction company

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