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Monday, June 30, 2014

Writing in Free time ... hahaha what free time?

Mondays about Me

When people talk about writing in their spare time, I always thought that couldn't be too difficult. But then I remembered that I don't have kids demanding my attention, I worked from home, and I wrote whenever I wanted.

Now that I have a job I can totally understand trying to find the free time to write.

My time when I'm not at work is usually completely booked up with blog tours and launch parties for my other business (Ps - I've been running this business for 9 months and I love it! I love meeting new authors and helping them promote their book. I love the bloggers who are on my permanent list for all blog book tours. I absolutely love this and wouldn't give it up!)

But that doesn't feel like work cause I love doing that!

So anyone looking to promote their book ... (wink, wink)

So now I struggle to find time to write! So what I have discovered is this ....
1 - there is no free time, you have to choose to make time for writing
2 - lunch breaks are a good writing/planning time
3- a planner is my best friend for keeping track of my mind!

But sometimes I just find myself with nothing to do :

And when that happens at least I should write until I remember what I am supposed to be doing ;)

What are your secrets to keep yourself writing when life feels overwhelming?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Is it nap time yet?

Mondays about Me!

Dearest Everyone,

I started a new job!
Yes, I have that first week feel of info dump and my brain is exhausted. However, today was a breakthrough! I managed to not yawn all day and didn't pass out as soon as I got home!

So here is the fun fact that I learned and wanted to share ....
If you go to a training for a new job (dental office) and you are with lots of dental office people, they are somehow completely fascinated and confused when you start explaining that you are an author!

My favorite part is when I said that my characters talk to me and write their own story when they don't like how I'm writing it!

Wow!! Eyes went wide and people looked both amazed and slightly concerned about my well being!

You want to know something else? If you name drop authors and then tell people you have met a lot of them in person, you officially become cool, even if you are just a bit crazy!

So go shock someone today by letting them into your world! It's really a lot of fun and worth it for the reaction alone!!

Happy Monday!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Things you thought you Knew and you didn't ...

Good Morning!!

Mondays about Me post today is going to tell you a few things about myself that not a lot of people know.

1 - My hair was not naturally curly until I got a perm at the age of 7. It never fully left. When I permed my hair again at age 17 it just got stronger. The curl I now have in my hair also started as a perm. But it's been too long and the actual perm part has all been cut out - yet over the years my natural hair has become curlier and curlier until I have hair that must either be scrunched into curls or forced straight with a flat iron. Curls are generally easier :)

2 - I am a type 1 personality - this means that my thoughts never follow one track. If I jump subject suddenly, it is not that you missed something, it is that you cannot read my mind and somehow I still expect you to know where I went :) I constantly find myself saying "oh I just jumped subjects, just sec, let me catch you up on my train of thought."

3 - I see no point in making my bed. It doesn't get that bad and I'm just going to crawl into it at night again. So it's a little lumpy and the corner where I got out might be turned down, but honestly, who exactly is going to be wandering into my bedroom to check? I don't even have kids to get after me to do it because I made them do theirs. SO unless we are going to be showing off the house, I don't bother making my bed. However, if you have ever come over and seen my bed made, it's because I knew I was having company and felt compelled to do it right.

4 - If my desk is clean I cannot find anything - at all. My desk is the go-to place for so many things for me, and I know where every single one of them are. So even though I keep making a goal to clean my desk and organize it, if I do, I always lose things. So I'm going to be honest - my desk will never be clean and I should stop making a goal to do it!
Note: This picture says so much more about me than you could probably even imagine. The items on my desk speaks volumes about who I really am.

There you are! Some fun facts about me that you probably didn't know and would not have guessed

What are you secrets? :) Comments below!

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday about Me

Alright everyone, as promised, today I am choosing winners!

But first, another fun aspect of my life:

When I met my husband I was actually set up on a blind date with one of his best friends!

Yes, I'm totally serious!

I working in AZ with my hubby's sister-in-law and she decided I needed to meet better men than I was dating. (Ps - she was right)
She called up her bro-in-law and asked if he had a friend she could set me up with. They made the arrangements and she and I went to Cali for the weekend to meet this person and go on this date while she spent time with the in-laws.

However, on the first day there, when my hubby got home from work, I saw him and immediately knew I was going to marry him. I don't remember much of the next 10 minutes after that thought hit me. I came out of my daze when everyone started laughing around me. Apparently they had been talking to me and I had been completely unresponsive, which had been a source of some amusement until I snapped out of it.

(my hubby still credits himself as being the only person who has made me speechless)

To make the story short, I never did go on that date with the best friend. It happened to be the same night that all of my hubby's friends came over to play card and video games so my date ended up just hanging out with them. I didn't care so much, was kind of relieved actually, and spent the entire night shamelessly flirting with my future husband.

2 weeks later we were officially dating and he dumped his girlfriend (um .... yeah did I forget to mention he had a girlfriend when I met him? :) )

We long distance dated for almost a year and then I finally moved out to Cali when we got engaged.

So there you go! That's our story (in a semi-short version)

And all you writer's out there - the answer is NO! you cannot have my story for your book! It's going in my own books and I'm selfish like that ;)

LOL happy .... Tuesday!

Alright, now for the winners!!
All winners please contact me with your mailing address at

Warning: If I haven't heard from you by Friday morning I will pick new winners!

Stacy Whetten - Book Lamp and Pamper Set

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Erica Keifer - Jewelry Set

Heidi Mortensen - Book Lamp and Pamper Set

Clarissa Castelan - Jewelry Set

CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!! And thank you for participating in my giveaway and following my Mondays about Me Blogs!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday about Me

Apparently my sense of timing is off! The Giveaway is still running and I therefore cannot choose winners today! I will have to do my Monday about Me post, including all winners, tomorrow!
So Hurry up and Enter below if you want! Tomorrow I will post winners and my Tuesday about me post ;)