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Monday, June 9, 2014

Things you thought you Knew and you didn't ...

Good Morning!!

Mondays about Me post today is going to tell you a few things about myself that not a lot of people know.

1 - My hair was not naturally curly until I got a perm at the age of 7. It never fully left. When I permed my hair again at age 17 it just got stronger. The curl I now have in my hair also started as a perm. But it's been too long and the actual perm part has all been cut out - yet over the years my natural hair has become curlier and curlier until I have hair that must either be scrunched into curls or forced straight with a flat iron. Curls are generally easier :)

2 - I am a type 1 personality - this means that my thoughts never follow one track. If I jump subject suddenly, it is not that you missed something, it is that you cannot read my mind and somehow I still expect you to know where I went :) I constantly find myself saying "oh I just jumped subjects, just sec, let me catch you up on my train of thought."

3 - I see no point in making my bed. It doesn't get that bad and I'm just going to crawl into it at night again. So it's a little lumpy and the corner where I got out might be turned down, but honestly, who exactly is going to be wandering into my bedroom to check? I don't even have kids to get after me to do it because I made them do theirs. SO unless we are going to be showing off the house, I don't bother making my bed. However, if you have ever come over and seen my bed made, it's because I knew I was having company and felt compelled to do it right.

4 - If my desk is clean I cannot find anything - at all. My desk is the go-to place for so many things for me, and I know where every single one of them are. So even though I keep making a goal to clean my desk and organize it, if I do, I always lose things. So I'm going to be honest - my desk will never be clean and I should stop making a goal to do it!
Note: This picture says so much more about me than you could probably even imagine. The items on my desk speaks volumes about who I really am.

There you are! Some fun facts about me that you probably didn't know and would not have guessed

What are you secrets? :) Comments below!

Happy Monday!

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