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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday about Me

Alright everyone, as promised, today I am choosing winners!

But first, another fun aspect of my life:

When I met my husband I was actually set up on a blind date with one of his best friends!

Yes, I'm totally serious!

I working in AZ with my hubby's sister-in-law and she decided I needed to meet better men than I was dating. (Ps - she was right)
She called up her bro-in-law and asked if he had a friend she could set me up with. They made the arrangements and she and I went to Cali for the weekend to meet this person and go on this date while she spent time with the in-laws.

However, on the first day there, when my hubby got home from work, I saw him and immediately knew I was going to marry him. I don't remember much of the next 10 minutes after that thought hit me. I came out of my daze when everyone started laughing around me. Apparently they had been talking to me and I had been completely unresponsive, which had been a source of some amusement until I snapped out of it.

(my hubby still credits himself as being the only person who has made me speechless)

To make the story short, I never did go on that date with the best friend. It happened to be the same night that all of my hubby's friends came over to play card and video games so my date ended up just hanging out with them. I didn't care so much, was kind of relieved actually, and spent the entire night shamelessly flirting with my future husband.

2 weeks later we were officially dating and he dumped his girlfriend (um .... yeah did I forget to mention he had a girlfriend when I met him? :) )

We long distance dated for almost a year and then I finally moved out to Cali when we got engaged.

So there you go! That's our story (in a semi-short version)

And all you writer's out there - the answer is NO! you cannot have my story for your book! It's going in my own books and I'm selfish like that ;)

LOL happy .... Tuesday!

Alright, now for the winners!!
All winners please contact me with your mailing address at

Warning: If I haven't heard from you by Friday morning I will pick new winners!

Stacy Whetten - Book Lamp and Pamper Set

Rose Montague - Author Swag Pack

Erica Keifer - Jewelry Set

Heidi Mortensen - Book Lamp and Pamper Set

Clarissa Castelan - Jewelry Set

CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!! And thank you for participating in my giveaway and following my Mondays about Me Blogs!!

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