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Monday, June 30, 2014

Writing in Free time ... hahaha what free time?

Mondays about Me

When people talk about writing in their spare time, I always thought that couldn't be too difficult. But then I remembered that I don't have kids demanding my attention, I worked from home, and I wrote whenever I wanted.

Now that I have a job I can totally understand trying to find the free time to write.

My time when I'm not at work is usually completely booked up with blog tours and launch parties for my other business (Ps - I've been running this business for 9 months and I love it! I love meeting new authors and helping them promote their book. I love the bloggers who are on my permanent list for all blog book tours. I absolutely love this and wouldn't give it up!)

But that doesn't feel like work cause I love doing that!

So anyone looking to promote their book ... (wink, wink)

So now I struggle to find time to write! So what I have discovered is this ....
1 - there is no free time, you have to choose to make time for writing
2 - lunch breaks are a good writing/planning time
3- a planner is my best friend for keeping track of my mind!

But sometimes I just find myself with nothing to do :

And when that happens at least I should write until I remember what I am supposed to be doing ;)

What are your secrets to keep yourself writing when life feels overwhelming?

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