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Monday, June 16, 2014

Is it nap time yet?

Mondays about Me!

Dearest Everyone,

I started a new job!
Yes, I have that first week feel of info dump and my brain is exhausted. However, today was a breakthrough! I managed to not yawn all day and didn't pass out as soon as I got home!

So here is the fun fact that I learned and wanted to share ....
If you go to a training for a new job (dental office) and you are with lots of dental office people, they are somehow completely fascinated and confused when you start explaining that you are an author!

My favorite part is when I said that my characters talk to me and write their own story when they don't like how I'm writing it!

Wow!! Eyes went wide and people looked both amazed and slightly concerned about my well being!

You want to know something else? If you name drop authors and then tell people you have met a lot of them in person, you officially become cool, even if you are just a bit crazy!

So go shock someone today by letting them into your world! It's really a lot of fun and worth it for the reaction alone!!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hey, congrats on your job! I just started one yesterday too.... only I haven't had a moment's thought to tell them about the author thing. Just haven't gotten around to it. They're still processing the "I was a 911 operator" and "I'm a Mormon" bombshells. :)

    1. Leann, That's got to be exciting!
      I'm not sure if they realize I'm Mormon yet :)
      Congrats on your job and let me know how the "I'm an Author" thing goes over ;)


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