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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Lady and A Spy

Recently I ran across this book, A Lady and A Spy, by Ranee S. Clark, and I just had to read it. It seemed so intriguing to me. So after the wonderful and talented Ms. Clark allowed me a copy to review, I devoured it - quite literally. So here is a little taste for all of you as well:

Book Blurb:
Blanche Audley's old-fashioned grandfather cut off her mother after she married Thomas Audley and his millions of "new money," and for the last ten years since her parents' deaths, Blanche has lived under the gloom of his disappointment. So when she recklessly loses a thousand dollars to Etta Channing in a game of baccarat, she will do anything to keep her foolish actions from him. Except he oversees every penny she spends of the wealth her father left her, leaving her no way of paying the debt without his knowledge. Until Etta offers her a deal.
Alexander Whealdon, one of the most eligible bachelors in town, needs a companion to shepherd his younger sister through her first season. Etta wants Blanche to take the position and use it to infiltrate the household and pass along information that will help Etta get her hooks into the reserved Mr. Whealdon. It seems like an easy way to pay off the debt and save face at the same time. But the more Blanche sees of Mr. Whealdon's playful side, not to mention his surprising generosity, the less she wants to help Etta win him over.
Backing out means humiliating herself and disappointing both her grandfather and Mr. Whealdon, not to mention losing Miss Whealdon's trust and friendship, but if she goes through with her promise to Etta, she will lose what might be her last chance for love.

My Review:
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I thought the plot was well thought out and had some unexpected twists that not only caught me by surprise, but really added depth to the story. The characters were engaging and likable. They were well written and had distinct personalities. I found myself laughing, horror struck, grinning like a fool, and hopeless at different times in the book. I was impressed with the author's voice and style.
Very well written! I would easily suggest this book to anyone who enjoys a historical romance, or anyone who doesn't know they like that genre but wants to try it out.

About the author:
Ranee and her personal superhero, her husband, live in Wyoming where they are raising three future super-villains. When she's not breaking up impromptu UFC fights in her living room or losing to one of her sons at Uno, she loves to read and write. She has a bachelors degree in history that is probably useless, but she had a lot of fun earning it. She blogs about writing, reading, and editing at

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