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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Marie's World Book Tour

Today on my blog we are featuring Kristal McKerrington's New book:

So let's take a look first at the author:

Author Bio:

Kristal McKerrington is from Scotland, UK. She has a love for Scotland and for Vikings. Kristal has been a professionally published author since 2010. She writes erotica, young adult, thrillers and all different kinds of romance books.
She's represented by Gilbert Literary Agency. She is the former writer also with Calling Spots Magazine. She writes for Reem Vision. She works with her co-author Joe E Legend on a line of books, which started in 2013.
She's been a professionally published author since 2010. She's a former writer for Calling Spots magazine. She created and wrote on Romance and The Wrestler for Bishop-Lyons Entertainment. She's represented by Barone Literacy Agency. She's been a best selling author for XoXo Publishing. She's appeared on TMZ a few times and writes with Reem Vision.

And now ...

Marie's World tells a tale of love gone wrong, of doing the right thing even if it hurts and how to survive when your world is turned upside down.  Famed dancer, actress and Reality TV star Marie returns from LA to her hometown in Scotland to escape the fall-out from the damaging revelations in her twin sister Layla's thinly-disguised novel. As she attempts to rebuild her life and career with her partner Derek, Marie's long-repressed memories and emotions come flooding to the surface, and she finds herself menaced by the world of her former husband, the only man she has ever truly loved and now her most dangerous adversary.

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Marie's world was a book unlike any I have read. It took me into a world of street dancing and wrestling. Definitely a world I have never been in but it was interesting to learn about and see how the characters interacted and thought. Also, it took us to Scotland, and who would say "no" to that? Throughout the book there was a sense of desperation, betrayal, and wanting to make like better and change the past. It was a balance of wanting what was right and wanting to keep those Marie loved from hurting more. Definitely an interesting read and fun to experience a new style of life from inside Marie's world.

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