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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Writing and Exercise

So I am seeing a pattern here .... it's Thursday again and I'm writing on my blog.... maybe Thursday will be my new official WRITE ON YOUR BLOG day. But then I remember that I never actually write on here when I mean to, and therefore it would be silly to designate a specific day as I will probably not stick to it.

That being said, you can see why I struggled with balancing time between writing and exercising. I always say I'm going to exercise, just like I say I'm going to write on my Blog on a certain day, and then I don't do it. I admit, writing takes precedence - as it should, of course. As an author, isn't that what we do?

So I am always wondering about the balance between writing and remembering to exercise. I know I need to exercise. It's good for me! And I actually do like exercising when I remember to do it - or find the time. But therein comes the problem - I will never find time because all of my spare time is spent in front of a computer typing my heart out. By all accounts I am living the dream of many writers in that I get to write almost all day, if I so choose. This is my full time job. So then comes the question, do I take full advantage of that, or do I take the breaks to go and exercise?

I did find one solution for the balance between the two:

Yup, I could totally do this ..... except that I see the small problem of getting so into my story that I forget to keep walking and fall flat on my face. That could be a minor issue.
There is also the much suggested idea of sitting on an exercise balance ball while typing. Again, I'm not actually convinced this does much, since I do it all the time and I'm not really finding a difference. Actually there is one difference - my chair is a lot more bouncy and sometimes I get distracted bouncing up and down  when I should be typing ....

So where do I draw the line, put down my writing, and go exercise?


  1. It really is a hard balance. For me, I have a certain time of day that I have to go and exercise at. In my case it's first thing in the morning, even before breakfast, so that it gets done before I get distracted by anything else. Maybe you could try making sure that you exercise before you start writing, or making a specific time every day that you have to exercise? That's about the only thing that's got me still exercising and writing.

  2. Hi. Found you on the A-Z. Boy do I ever understand the struggle! I may have found a solution that works for me (so far anyway). I record my writing and exercise daily (down to the minute), and report it weekly on my blog in left column ("keeping myself accountable"). Exercise is so important for writers because we sit so much! I walk outdoors (at least) 15 min a day and supplement with a treadmill when the weather is bad. I also have a portable podium on my desk (what professors use in lectures). I can lift my laptop on this and stand when I need to stretch my legs. It really is about balance. Good luck on finding a solution that works for you!

  3. Thanks ladies! I think I may have actually figured out a time routine that works for me. It feels good to get back into exercising again :)


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