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Friday, January 18, 2013

Lovely Blog

I was tagged by Author Amber Gilchrist in the One Lovely Blog Award.
For this blog hop, all you have to do it list seven random facts about yourself .... I can do that :)

Seven random facts about me:

1. I hate oatmeal! It makes me want to vomit! I have even tried it again recently just to see if perhaps I'm too prejudice - but nope, it's not me, it's definitely the oatmeal :)

2. I love babies! I love to hold them and smile at them and cuddle them, but the thought of having my own kind of scares me ...

3. I can speak Portuguese fluently (Brasilian Portuguese)

4. I have my own line of jewelry and hair accessories that I hand make myself and sold at Farmer's Markets for years before moving to Arizona. I still make them on occasion and always have a supply on hand for birthdays, holidays, random gifts, or when people request something special. And I'm also a MaryKay consultant.

5. I am a natural blonde, and my hair highlights itself during the summer months. I don't have to color or highlight my hair at all!

6. My favorite vitamins are the gummy bear kids vitamins. I hate swallowing pills.

7. My favorite animal is the Penguin and I have a huge collection! Currently we have a shelf that lines our entire front room and it has a line of penguins on it. We call it our March of Penguins! (Sadly this is not my entire penguin collection. I still have slippers, snow globes, paper weights, hand carved wooden penguins, glass penguins, etc, etc ....)

Ok now you can learn some fun facts about a couple of other friends of mine.




  1. So cool you know Portuguese! My family is from Brazil :) My mother also loves penguins, but her collection isn't nearly that big LOL TFS! And oatmeal is no fun :/

  2. Fun! I hate oatmeal too! With a passion -we had to eat it growing up and I'd play with it and make faces at it and gag on it until the bus came and I could escape :-D. So, I have to ask... since you speak portugese fluently, did you serve a mission? I speak spanish - served a mission to Chile. My Nephew got home last winter from a Brazilian mission. Not that that is the only reason you would speak Portugese fluently...

  3. Oh, by the way - GoofyJ is me, Julia, whom you met on Facebook as a long lost distant relative, lol- GoofyJ is my blogging and other stuff name/nickname. :-)

  4. Lovely to get to know you! I followed your blog.


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