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Friday, February 8, 2013

Post Plans

Dear everyone who reads my blog,
I haven't posted lately as my life took a very sudden and strange twist that had me dropping everything and flying to another state with no notice. I am currently now trying to put everything back together and get back on schedule with my writing, my blog posts, and my critiques.
But I do have good news. With everything settling back into place, I have agreed to do 4 reviews on books for some fellow authors.
For the next 4 weeks, every six days I will be posting a review for a book. These will include the author info and blog connections for everyone to visit and meet new authors.
I'm also excited to announce that the ANWA conference is coming up in 2 weeks and I will be attending. For any of you who may be attending, I am excited for the chance to meet you there! I'm super excited about all the workshops and the opportunity to further my writing skills and polish my books. Woot! Here's to a great month!
(Oh and PS - this month is my birthday too! Yup, it's bound to be a good one!)

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