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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Writer's Block ...

I'm stuck!
Seriously stuck ...
The worst part of this writer's block is that it's not like the usual writer's block. It's not that I want to write and can't think of anything .... it's that I have this idea rolling through my head like a movie and my fingers don't want to type it. The words to describe it just aren't coming and it's sooooo frustrating.

So .... I have decided to discover how most people get over writer's block. The suggestions I have found were from, and made me laugh. I felt like I had a problem. The first think it said was "1- Recognize you have writer's block"
Well the first step is admitting the problem right? :)

Other ideas I found, from a variety of sources, included:
- Free write about anything
- Try a change of pace
- rest, exercise, read, and resolve underlying issues
- set the mood and prepare before writing (such as get your favorite drink, a snack, go to you favorite writing place where you are comfortable, and just write whatever comes to mind - without thinking about if it's correct or sounds stupid.)
- Play a role - pretend you are someone else and write how they would write.
- Put everything aside for a day or two, try not to think about it, and then start fresh
- John Steinbeck about writer's block said, "Pretend that you're writing not to your editor or to an audience or to a readership, but to someone close, like your sister, or your mother, or someone that you like."
- take a break, take a walk, take a bath, bake a pie, etc, etc, etc.

So that's what I'm going to do .... I'm going to get a good nights rest, maybe a long shower, get chocolate, Dr. Pepper, my water bottle, and music .... and I'm just going to go for it!
Yup, that's what I'm going to do!
Wish me luck!

Oh, by the way, how do you get over writer's block? I just might need the suggestions as I embark on this endeavor ...


  1. Hi. I record my minutes (on book only--blogging doesn't count) right down to the minute. Somehow it motivates me. (I keep a daily log on writing and exercise). Sometimes I set the timer, and even it's under 30 minutes, I feel better. Progress is progress...said the tortoise. All said, sometimes you just need a vacation. Reward yourself. Leave the desk and go do something you love to my case, gardening. :):)

  2. I do a stream-of-consciousness thing. I open a new document and write. Anything. Mostly what's bothering me. What I want to be writing. What I've been thinking about. And after a paragraph or two (sometimes just a sentence) I find story coming through.

    Then it's just a matter of cutting and pasting the story stuff into the book document.

  3. Write a blog post! :)

    Best of luck getting your ideas to flow!


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