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Monday, January 13, 2014

10 Random Facts

Mondays about Me

Today I'm going to give you 10 random facts about me:

1- I hate oatmeal. I absolutely refuse to eat it!
2- I love painting my nails and own just about every color of nail polish
3- When I talk on the phone I pace around my house
4- I really only like to write with colored pens. Black and regular blue pens bore me
5- When I come across a really funny little meme or quote, I put it as the background on my husband's computer for him to find later.
6- I like veggies more than I like fruit. But I eat both.
7- I love buying make-up but I don't wear it very often
8- I can't draw! My husband, who happens to be a good artist, asked me to draw him a dragon. Then he laughed until he cried when he saw it. I did warn him ahead of time, but he didn't believe me until he had actually seen me draw! Stick figures and little tiny flowers are about my limit
9- When my husband is gone and I have to go to bed alone, he bought me a little Penguin night light because my overactive imagination tends to get the best of me in the dark.
10- I love my electric pencil sharpener and often write with pencils just so I can resharpen them.

What are some fun random facts about you?

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