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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Summer Hearts Romance Compilation

I'm really excited to be able to help with this tour! I know several of the ladies who are featured in this book and I enjoyed reading it! See review below!!

Today we are going to focus on the first book in the compilation. 
Check it out!

Dreaming in California:
In the summer of 1967, Hollywood actress, Lucinda Baker, appears to have it all-- fame, money, and an all too doting fiancé. Dark traits begin to emerge from the man she's pledged to marry, and he threatens her. Lucinda must now lean on her best friend, celebrity photographer, George Creston to escape the clutches of the dangerous relationship. Together they are forced to summon courage, and trust each other in desperate circumstances. Will they find love in the process or lose everything they hold dear, including their lives.

Now about the fabulous lady behind this book!

Debby Lee Author Bio:
Debby Lee was raised in the cozy little town of Toledo, Washington. She has been writing since she was a small child and has written several novels, but never forgets home.
The Northwest Christian Writers Association and Romance Writers of America are two organizations Debby enjoys being a part of. Publications, thus far, include a series of short stories titled The Butterfly Fairytales Collection, and a novella with Barbour Publishing.
As a self-professed nature lover, and an avid listener to 1960s folk music, Debby can't help but feel like a hippie child who wasn't born soon enough to attend Woodstock. She wishes she could run barefoot all year long, but often does anyway in grass and on beaches in her hamlet that is the cold and rainy southwest Washington.
During the football season, Debby cheers on the Seattle Seahawks along with legions of other devoted fans. She's also filled with wanderlust and dreams of visiting Denmark, Italy, and Morocco some day. 

You can get in touch with Debby at any of the following places:


I actually had the privilege of reading the entire compilation! So here goes with the reviews:
Overall the book was charming, easy to read, and full of sweet romance. Individually I liked some stories better than others, but certainly did not hate any of them. They were all well done.
As for individuals:

Dreaming in California: Love the idea, thought the hero was really sweet, and I loved the solution they came up with on the spot. I was a bit thrown off by why she was packing a bag though. If she was in that much trouble she would not have stopped to pack a back, she would have just run for safety. But overall, the story flowed well, was fast paced, and it was so easy to root for the characters! I enjoyed it, was afraid for her safety, and ended smiling!

A Summer of Stars: This was really sweet and I totally related to the main character so well. I loved that we really got to know the main male as well as the female characters and they were well developed for it being a short story. The story was credible, fun, easy to read, and overall enjoyable. I would not mind reading more about these characters or more by this author.

Drowning Sandy: I've read a lot of mermaid books in my time, but this was original and I adored it. I really liked this one. It kept me extremely engrossed as I wondered what would happen. I couldn't predict the ending - which is something I loved about it. There were twists and turns I didn't expect and it was really enjoyable! I would easily read this book again and I'm excited to see what else this author has.

Summer Holiday: I absolutely enjoyed being thrown back in time to imagine what it was like for these characters as they struggled against the expectations of parents and of that generation. The conflict of wanting one thing and being expected to do another feeds these characters and this story and I found myself invested in discovering what would happen. It pulled me into a world that was different in time and place, yet so much the same as ours when it came to the struggles we have in life and love. I would definitely read more by this author and this book again.

Shark Boss: This retaling of a modern day twist on Beauty and the Beast was different and unique. I could not see where it was going and when you discover the secrets of the Beast Boss, it's chilling and imaginative. I wouldn't have minded having more details as I felt that this story could have been a bit longer and given us more history, but with the short story version the author definitely hit on all the major points, spun a story that was complete, and gave us something that was entertaining.

The Best Place to Meet a Man: This was funny. I enjoyed reading about the main character meeting the main man and all the issues that came with it. It was like the perfect situation for everything to go wrong, but completely believable that it could happen to anyone. I laughed and swooned a bit as they met and began their courtship. It was a perfect little story about the hope for love and finding it in the most unexpected places. I would definitely read this and other books by this author again.

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June 6th:
Featuring Dreaming in California by Debbie Lee

June 7th:
Featuring A Summer of Stars by Lisa Watson

June 8th:
 Featuring Drowning Sandy by Sarah Daley

June 9th:
Featuring Summer Holiday by Carol Malone

June 10th:
Featuring Shark Boss by Kathy Bosman

June 11th:
Featuring The Best Place to Meet a Man by Robyn Echols

June 12th:
Featuring the entire compilation

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