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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

On this Glorious First day of September, we have a special guest here on our blog with us!!!!

Buried in our soul forever, there is a piece of us that has not as yet been activated. That piece is the lost consciousness, the missing link guiding us to wholeness. As human beings, we have sought wholeness and connection with each other in the best way we know how by mimicking and emulating Source as we understand it.
Unfortunately, we cannot find wholeness because we have been missing part of who we are. As a New Era dawns for humanity, we now have to complete the process by gaining the consciousness we lost when we first incarnated at the beginning of time.
Natalie Kawai has found the key to completing that process. In Conversations With Mother Goddess, she shares what she has learned through her dialogues with the Great Mother of Creation. Part explanation of humanity’s origins, and part conversation about how humanity can move into a new and complete future, this book will bend your mind in new and surprising ways, preparing it for the next step in your soul’s evolution.
Discover the part of you that you have always been yearning for, but never knew how to find. Join others in this exciting journey to restore harmony, creativity, and peace in all of us. Then prepare yourself to help bring about Heaven on Earth! It will happen if we all make the effort….
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Natalie Kawai is a Spiritual Teacher and Guide. Born on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, she now lives in Hawaii. Clairaudient from birth, she has always been haunted by the mysteries of life, why we are here, and our role in the universe. Moved by her intense desire always to go deeper in understanding the whys of the whys, she found the voice of the Great Mother of Creation twelve years ago. Since then, she has studied relentlessly with the Supreme Being in a constant and intense dialogue. This practice led her to understand why a gulf still exists between our divinity and our humanity. Under the Great Mother of Creationsguidance, she founded LST™—Light Speed Transmutationa radical system to restore our lost consciousness and drive out the last part of our ego.




Deep in our matrix, lies a part of ourselves that has never

been awakened. We hold within a lost consciousness that

longs to return. This energy is our Mother of Creation; She

has been denied since the be- ginning of time for the

purpose of evolution. Whether men or women, we all bear

that sacred substance within. Its name is the Will, coming

from the Whole.

We have come a long way from the dark age of victim

consciousness to the New Age where we became more

aware of ourselves, applied our tools of creation, the power

of thoughts and emotions, and start- ed to release the

blocks of our inner game. We have awakened to the Spirit

side of Consciousness and are moving in long strides to the

creation of our desires and the improvement of our lives.

It is time now to cover the last part of our awakening and

restore the Consciousness and presence of our denied Will.

However, since this feminine and emotional energy has

been repressed from day one of creation, we don’t know

how to retrieve it. As long as the Will is not in place, there

will be a gap in our full consciousness, and in this gap, ego

and duality will still influence our game.

The journey continues....

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