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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review for People in Glass Houses

Author Tim Hemlin has returned to bring us the 3rd installment of the Neil Marshall Mysteries! In June we featured IF WISHES WERE HORSES and A WHISPER OF RAGE and now we are excited to share with you the next book called PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES - come join us on this tour!

Congressional candidate Chip Gunn figures he has the election in the palm of his hand. But when Gunn’s guard is stabbed during a high profile fund-raising event catered by chef and amateur sleuth Neil Marshall, all hell breaks loose.
Things only get worse when the victim vanishes and Neil’s assistant is left holding a bloody knife. Quickly, a lethal mystery unravels and Neil and his friends learn that people in glass houses don’t throw stones. They shoot to kill . . .

I enjoyed reading Author Tim Hemlin's first too books so I had no doubt I'd love this book. And, of course, I was not disappointed. The think I love best about his books is that while they are mystery and there is murder, there is not the creepy feeling of not being able to sleep or having to have all the lights on in the house. Every person in the book has a reason, has a story, has a motive (imagined or read) and you can connect with them. It's fun to see how Neil Marshall is somehow pulled into the timelines that land him in trouble and then watch as he pieces together the clues that get him out of trouble. I would definitely read this and all his books again. And I highly recommend them!

Tim Hemlin is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, having studied with poets Charles Simic and Mekeel McBride.  He has published in poetry journals, anthologies, and magazines--most notably in Ellery Queen.  Currently he has six published novels, two short stories and is included in an anthology.

By day he is an educator; however after teaching ELA for 22 years he decided to put his master's degree to work and is now a high school counselor.  In addition, he is an avid marathoner, fly-fisherman, and outdoorsman.  He lives just outside Houston, Texas with his wife Valerie, two dogs and a cantankerous cat.

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