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Monday, November 18, 2013

Secret Little Delights

Mondays about Me

I have some secret little delights that very few people know about me. It really is the little things that delight me to no end.

Bubbles! I love bubbles! you would think I was a toddler with how excited I get about bubbles. I like to blow bubbles up into the ceiling fan in my office and then watch them blow all around the room and fall back down. Yes, I do have a bottle of bubbles in my desk drawer.

Christmas! Christmas movies, music, books, etc. thrill me. I reserve the right to listen to, watch, or read Christmas any day of the year. I have penguins lining my living room ledge, and Christmas light lining my kitchen all year long.

Which leads me to another delight: Penguins!!
Penguins are my favorite animals and I have stuffed animals, hand carved wooden penguins, snow globes, paper weights, a night light, shoulder bags, and socks with penguins on them. Oddly enough, I have spent very little of my own money on penguins. People give them to me for birthdays, Christmas, random gifts because they love me, etc.

Cinnamon bears are another random delight. I love cinnamon bears and allow myself to eat them when I am feelings spoiled. I also offer them to myself as incentive to get things done. They make me so happy.

And last on this list, but certainly not the last of my delights, is cookie dough. Sometimes I will make a batch and then keep it in the fridge to eat over several days and never even cook any actual cookies. And sometimes I do cook the cookies and like them better. My mood varies :) But chocolate chip is my favorite raw dough, and cooked I really enjoy cream cheese filled snicker-doodles!

Well there you have it. Now you know a couple of the little things that make me so very happy :)
Happy Monday everybody. I hope it turns out well!


  1. I love all of those things too!! I remember you were awesome!!!

  2. I love all of those things too!! I remember you were awesome!!!

  3. Replies
    1. For serious? You've never had cinnamon bears? Sad day!!
      They are like hot tamale candies mixed in gummy bear form.

  4. Replies
    1. I crave them all the time! My hubby hates them though, so he's always trying to steer me away from them at the store ;)


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