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Monday, November 25, 2013

Once Upon a Time ...

Mondays about Me!

Happy Monday everyone! So here is a little look into my past.

Once upon a time I was a Tom Boy.

No seriously, I was! Anyone who knows me now would highly doubt this, but I promise, I was!

I hated having my hair done, and loved to run around and get muddy. I climbed trees like a monkey and didn't get much phased if I got skinned up or cut. I hated the color pink, didn't ever sit like a lady in a dress, and chased girls with worms with all the boys in my class. Worms, grasshoppers, and other little crawling creatures didn't bother me much - except spiders. I've always hated spiders. Yet, oddly enough, I use to catch house flies and drop them into spider webs (out in the neighbors front bushes) to watch the spider come running out and wrap them up to eat. I never had barbie dolls growing up, I wasn't a little princess, and I formed a club with some of my siblings and friends called The Dare Devil Club where we would try to find dangerous things and do them to show how brave we were ...... yeah, now as an adult I can tell that wasn't very well thought through ....

It's kind of super amusing to think of now, cause I love the color Pink, buying cute shirts and dresses, love my high heels and my boots, dress pants are adorable, and I wear jewelry! I do own barbie and Disney Princess movies, and I have watched all of them. I like to do my hair and put on make-up. And I've found a new obsession in Lipstick!  I've definitely become a girly-girl (As has been pointed out several times by my in-laws who apparently don't know how to deal with a girly-girl in the family) ;)

Just a funny little note - one of my best friend, who has only known be for the last 5 years, was talking with me and my hubby and asked if we wanted to go play softball with them. He asked if we had any experience, so I told him that when I was in college I played both softball and tennis. It shocked him completely and he was like "wait, really? You play sports?" And his wife told me that my friend had told her "I don't think Rebecca even knows how to throw a ball!" Hahahaha that tells you how much people don't realize that I was a Tom Boy and still love to do that stuff, even though I seem like a girly-girl.

I'm not saying I can't still go out and have some fun, get dirty, and run around like a crazy. And sports? Yes, please!  And most creepy crawlies don't bother me (except spiders of course!) but It's so strange how we can change so much over the years!

Who would have ever thought? :)


  1. Tomboys rock! (I was one myself) and I love your Dare Devil Club! :) It's great to getting to know you more, fellow panda. Have a great week!

    -Steph Post


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