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Monday, December 2, 2013


Mondays about Me

I know it's the Monday after Thanksgiving, and maybe I should have done this on the Monday before, but for today's "Mondays about Me" I'm going to tell you a bit about what I'm Thankful for and why.

I am thankful for my wonderful husband and that fact that we are married for eternity. Yes, I realize that many people say how grateful they are for their spouses and I applaud every one of them.  But let me tell you a bit more about my gratitude. You see, it was a hard fight to get my husband!
When I first met him, I knew I was going to marry him. The moment I laid eyes on him my first coherent thought was "I'm going to marry him!" Then followed some non-coherent thoughts and being speechless for 5-10 minutes (which never happens to me - I am such a talker!!)

Then we had a year of long distance relationships in which one of us (usually me) had to drive 6 hours to see the other. We could only make this trip every 2nd or 3rd weekend. So often we would go 14-21 days without seeing each other at all. And we didn't get to skype either. Just phone calls and text messages. Also, I had to do most of the driving because my dear hubby falls asleep after 2 hours of driving if he's on his own.
After a year we finally were in the same state and engaged. Then, his parents, who had loved me up until this point, decided that they did not like me anymore because I was going to marry their son. Not sure how that happened, but basically they didn't like me for the next 9 months until our wedding, and for 3 months afterward until we moved away. They tried everything to convince my husband not to marry me, and then when we were married tried to talk him into an annulment or divorce right away.

My husband got baptized as a member of our faith just before the wedding. So a year later, after a lot of trials, huge family fights, and some other fun issues, we finally got to be sealed for all eternity! Needless to say my gratitude for having a wonderful, supportive, loving husband grows every day! I am grateful that the trials we faced pulled us closer together rather than pushed us apart like happens to so many people. I am grateful for every moment of every day we get to be together instead of living in different states. And for the decision we made to move away and become our own family instead of being influenced by others.

I am grateful for the job he has that supports us and gives us great insurance, and I'm grateful that he is so supportive of my writing! It was his idea for me to stop working and just focus on writing. He loves to hear I've been working on something new and he reads my work (and brags about me to everyone.)

I am very grateful for my husband and I love him so very dearly!!!

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  1. I'm grateful you ended up with such a great guy at last, too! :) So glad you can celebrate being together everyday.


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