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Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Goals!

Mondays About Me!

2013 Goals Check up Time:

1) I was going to attend 2 writers conferences - I got to one. I had to back out of the second one because my Mother-in-law got cancer last year and died the week before conference. We love her and she will be greatly missed.

2) I wanted to get at least one novel published - I got a contract signed with a publishing company and my novel comes out in 4 months! This totally counts, right?

3) Complete Nanowrimo 2013 ..... well it began well ..... but I didn't get it done. I on'y got about 15,000 words, but at least I started it! Better luck next year.

4) Participate in my ANWA writing group meetings each month - not only did I participate, but I got elected President (which helped me reach my goal but was very unexpected!) I love my ANWA sisters and I'm so excited for another year of participation.

5) Attend book club and read all the books - Ok I was really reaching here. I have 2 book clubs and between the 2 I think I read 4 of the books and went to 2 meetings total ....

6) Complete 2 more novels - well I did start 4 novels this year but as for completing them ..... if you put them all together, word count might be one novel :)

7) Manage my time better - I actually am happy to say that I have learned to better manage my time! I'm writing almost every day, keeping up on blogs, FB, and my social and personal life, and running a small business doing launch parties (Check out the links below if you like to attend parties or want help launching a book):
FB Page:

8) Keep up on my blog and make new blog friends - I did make lots of new friends! I went from having about 10 friends to have over 140! I'm so glad you are all my friends! And hopefully more friends to make next year!

Personal note: Favorite things that happened in 2013 - my parents coming to visit after they got home from their mission in Mongolia and before they left to their mission in Samoa.

And ... we officially own our house! It is no longer under my husband and his parents (as co-signers). We refinanced and it is now under my name and my husbands name!

So what's coming up? Well, for 2014 I have new goals (and some the same) that I'm hoping to accomplish!

1- Finish 2 books and get at least one of them signed for publishing
2- Get back into shape like when I got married (that's only 20 pounds left to go!!)
3- Attend 2 writers conferences this year
4- Make new blogger friends and keep up on blog posts
5- Pay off 2 debts
6- Complete Nanowrimo 2014 (Win it with 50,000 words)
7- Try and sign on with an agent this year
8- Manage my time (Specifically do sprints at least once a week) and don't sweat the small stuff

Apparently 8 is my lucky number! I had 8 goals last year (and did fairly well in completing them) and I've got 8 goals this year!

Thanks everyone who helped me have a fabulous year. You all taught me so much and I have learned and grown and my writing has gotten so much better thanks to you!

Happy Monday and here is to 2014! It's going to be a great year!!

What are you're new years goals?


  1. Playing league is a good goal right...

    1. Oh that totally counts as a goal Tyler ;) In fact it's totally on my list .... just invisible ;)

  2. Wow, you had a great year, Rebecca! Expecting you to easily hit these goals this year. And maybe sell some books as well.

    1. Thanks Rose! I'm really excited to get going on these goals. I hope I don't lose momentum, but I think the writer's conferences will really keep me going strong! And I hope you do just as awesome with your goals too!

  3. Wow, you had a great year..way to go! The debt goal is a good will free your mind and help with the time issue. Best of success in promoting your book and Happy New Year. Sorry about your mother-in-law....

    1. Thank you Sharon, and a Happy New Year to you too!

  4. Great job, Rebecca! I actually don't even remember my goals from last year. This year I wrote them down, and am trying to focus on the nuts and bolts, or systems, that lead to the goals. We'll see how it goes.


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