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Monday, December 9, 2013

Night time reading

*Mondays about Me*

I love reading at night, but I have something of a love/hate relationship with it.

I love reading anytime, but especially at night when all is calm and everyone is in bed. But that is when I find myself so entirely engrossed in a book that I can't put it down to sleep!

Seriously! All of you out there that write books I can't put down - Shame on you! And thank you! cause I love them!

So here in lies my dilemma .... I hate being up to see the sun rise. It makes me angry at myself if I see the sky lightening and know I haven't slept. Now, I know that's super weird cause most people like seeing sunrise. I just don't want to see if after I spent a night not sleeping when I needed to sleep! But, if I planned on staying up to see the sunrise, that's completely different :) Then I enjoy it thoroughly

So, back on topic here. If I start reading a book and it keeps me up at night, the deal is that I'd better finish reading it by 3 or 4 in the morning. That ways I can still sleep and pretend I went to bed when I was supposed to cause I never see the sky lighten to show morning is coming!

And now that I have thoroughly confused you, or made you laugh - either one works, I have a serious question ....

How in the world did I possibly get my degree, and graduate with an honor GPA, when I slept between 3-4 hours a night (usually due to reading) and worked a full time job all through school? Yet the better question is this: Why, when I try and go on that much sleep now, do I have to take an afternoon nap and eat chocolate that people throw at me from across the room because I'm too cranky to have anyone near?

Have a Happy Monday!!

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