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Monday, February 10, 2014

Mondays about Me

Here we are! Enjoy these fun facts

1.   When I was growing up I use to ... act like I was afraid of worms because all the other girls on the playground were, but I have never, ever been scared of worms.
2.   I once ... got stuck at the top of a mountain in the dark and we (me and 3 friends) had to find out way down using our cell phones for lights
3.   Readers would be surprised to know ... my imagination often gets the better of me and I am more afraid of what it can dream up than I am of most things normal people fear.
4.   Everyday I ... put on a movie in my Parrot's room because he is a social bird and by having a movie playing he thinks people are with him all the time. He prefers kids movies and went crazy one day when I put on something with suspense. So Disney it is!
5.   I like to ... Play video games. I did not know this because I was never a gamer, nor grew up with access to gaming systems. But my hubby is, and he introduced me and it stuck. He tells me I'm a closet gamer :)
6.   I have always wanted to ... go sky diving!!!
7.   I will never forget ... the moment I first saw my husband and knew immediately I was going to marry him.
8.   The best thing about writing is ... entering a new world and waiting to see what the characters might do when they are done playing along with my plot and wish to do their own thing.
9.   When I am not writing, I like to ... craft and cook.

10.               I am working on ... a retailing of a fairy tale, a paranormal, and 3 romances at the moment :)

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