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Monday, February 24, 2014

Birthday Fun

Mondays About Me

This last week I went to a writer's conference (which I will be posting about later) during that conference it was my birthday! I love my birthdays. I don't hesitate to make sure people know it's my birthday - not for gifts or for praise, but just because I want everyone to share in my joy!

So here is what I did for my birthday!

I hung out with my bookstore buddy - the lady, Amber, that ran the money for  our bookstore happened to have a birthday the same day as mine (February 21)

I got to sit and chat with Sarah Eden!

I got to go to the faculty dinner where I was seated with Sarah Eden, Heidi Taylor, Heather Moore, Kenneth Pike, and Peggy Urry. We had a blast! We were talking and laughing so much! I love these people!

Then I went to a protagonist Gala where I dressed up as Robin Hood and go visit with lots of fun people including Taylor Martindale, Deborah Warren, and Raejean Roberts. 

We had a group of wonderful dancers came to entertain us during the Gala

And of course, I spent time with my wonderful ANWA sisters from my area.

Overall, it was a fabulous Birthday! The only thing that would have made it any better is if I had seen my wonderful husband. But when I got home on Saturday, he bought me 3 different types of ice cream and bought me dinner.

So thanks for everyone who made my day so very special and for everyone who is reading this blog so as to make me enjoy the day all over again.


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