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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Mondays About Me

So today, because yesterday was Mother's Day, I am going to share something quite personal.

My mother is amazing! AMAZING!!

She has put all her love and effort into raising her 14 children, and keep us all alive.

Yes that's right, you heard me - 14 children!

She's basically amazing! And her and my Dad are on their 3rd mission for our church. She believes in serving and helping others, she loves unconditionally, and she is always so happy!

On the other side of my family, My husband's mother did a great job of raising an amazing son. She and I didn't always get along, but I still love her.

She has 2 sons and we've made a wonderful little family. But a year ago, My Hubby's Mom passed away. She had cancer and it had progressed to far to stop. She passed away just before Mother's Day, and therefore this holiday is very hard for my husband. But it's getting better.

Anyway I love both my Mom and my Mother-in-law

So here is the very personal secret that isn't as well known:

I have no children. And I may not be able to have children.

Do we want kids, yes! But will I be able to have them? It's not looking good

Now, don't feel bad for me, this is something we have had several years to come to terms with, and I'm surprisingly OK with that. It'll work out how it's supposed to work out.

But, This doesn't mean I don't get the chance to have an influence on children. I get to nurture and care for over 60 nieces and nephews as well as almost 10 great- nieces and nephews.

I am the primary chorister in my church so every week I get to see over 80 children and sing songs with them or play games with them. I love it, I really really love it.

Basically I just want to say that even if I can't have my own children, and even if I never have the chance to be Mom, this doesn't mean I can't be a good influence and help raise other's children. I get to still cuddle with little ones and kiss away hurt. I still get to give healing hugs and watch bright eyes get excited over presents and sweets.

And I know I'm not the only one who struggles with infertility. So for those others out there, just know that you are not alone, and you most certainly shouldn't rob yourself of being a wonderful big sister or aunt to the children around you. They look up to you and you can do so much for them!

Happy Monday!!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Rebecca. I hesitate to post anything about Mother's Day anymore because it is such a bittersweet holiday for so many. Your perspective is wonderful, and those kids are lucky to have you as a mentor.

    1. Mother's Day is a hard Holiday for many. I'm glad I could share my thoughts

  2. Thank you for sharing your secret! I am glad to know you! 14 siblings, that's crazy and probably so fun!

    1. It is a lot of fun, and lots of crazy! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's been building over time :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your post. Such an important message. This infertility thing is getting worse and worse all over the country. It seems to be an epidemic these days. But your attitude is fantastic. I am sure you are a great "mother' to so many.


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