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Monday, July 7, 2014


Mondays about Me

What kind of Plotter are you?

LOL ok maybe not that kind of plotting :)

I am not a plotter, I am a pantser

Meaning I usually write whatever comes to mind without much of a plan ahead of time in fact I usually wrote something like this:

Yup, that was me -- until now.

During the last writing conference I went to - LDStorymakers Writing Conference - I learned that I do have the ability to plot lightly without having to actually sit down and plot to the point that I lose interest or get distracted.

This book is where it started:

The fabulous Authors Ali Cross and Elana Johnson  taught a fabulous 2 hour class about finding the beats of a book or movie and making sure the info you put into your books is pertinent to the plot or characters, not just filler info.

They gave us this info in detail but basically it breaks down to beating out the sheet (image from google image search and it is available for free online, but if I'm not allowed to post this, please someone let me know)

Using this, and the detailed knowledge from the class, I plotted out 2 story lines for the books I'm working on! For the first time in forever I actually know where my story is headed! I may not know my characters well enough yet to know how they will react to any situation, or what they might say to each other when the tension tightens, but I do know where the story is headed!

and thanks to this other book recommended to me by Author Sarah M. Eden

I have been using the questions in this book to help learn more about my characters. So between these fabulous books I know who my characters are and how they will react to the events I am about to throw at them. Plus, I actually know what events/situations I am going to throw at them, I don't just have to come up with something on the spot ... as much as I used to! ;)

My point?

My point is that it may seem like some extra work, especially to those who, like me, are pantsers. But in the end I think I write my stories so much better for having a plot laid out and knowing my characters so well!

What are your secrets for successfully writing a well written, good plot, and strong characters story?

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