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Monday, July 14, 2014

The Truth Comes Out ...

Mondays about Me

Alright, it's time for a confession!

I know you guys have seen this logo:

It is for a small business called Loving The Book Launch Party

The business does launch/promo parties, book tours, cover reveals, giveaways, etc, etc, etc
And I know many of you have been to one of the parties, or participated in the book tours

SO here it is ....

If you haven't yet known or figured this out ...

This is me!! :)

This is my business!

I started it almost a year ago and have been promoting authors and books ever since!!

I absolutely adore it!

I contact every blogger, work personally with every author, create events and blog post continually, host every event, create every game, and work like a crazy because I love you guys and want to help you promote your books!

I am the one who makes every key chain and bookmark for the prize packages by hand.

I love planning parties and events. Not just virtually, but in real life too! That's just who I am!

Is it crazy sometimes? Absolutely!

Have I ever felt like I may not get everything pulled together in time? Always!

But Have I ever failed to pull off a great party or event? Never! :)

So why not come check out what I can do for you? I've worked with you all as an author, come see what I can do as a publicist too!


  1. It's a fantastic place! I was here for a party last Friday and the service was amazing. Many thanks to their great staff, those guys deserve a round of applause.
    Wedding venues in Atlanta


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