Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Book Tour: Heart of the Sea by Jasmine Denton

Book Blurb:

A devastating curse, an ancient witch, and a dangerous love...
How far would you go to save the life of the person you love? In another lifetime, Mykaela made a deal with the devil—a powerful sea-witch Narissa who used her to steal the souls of drowning victims. Mykaela can keep her lover Dylan alive by helping Narissa gain ultimate power using those souls.

Mykaela’s been reincarnated to pay her debt to the witch. To ensure her obedience, Narissa turns the teen’s life into a hellish battlefield by hurting her friends and putting her mother into a magical coma. The supernatural has been on her side up until now, but when someone close to her takes a trip down the dark side, old wounds are opened. Can they break the curse before she loses everyone she holds dear in this lifetime?

Author Bio:

Jasmine Denton has trouble confining herself to one genre, so she writes books that often include (but aren't limited to) fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, paranormal romance, contemporary romance and issue-based.
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all books are also available at worldcastlepublishing.com

Main Character Casting! Selected by author Jasmine Denton

Nina Dobrev
as Mykaela, because Mykaela has a
 past life and the actress would need to portray that well.

Zac Efron
as Dylan 
(He may be getting a little old to play a teenager but he’s so fun to look at!)

Book Tour Schedule

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