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Friday, January 23, 2015

Strange and Lovely Anthology: Book 10: Dark to Dust by M Leigh Marrott

It's the last book in the Anthology! I'm sad for it to be over! I absolutely enjoyed this book and posting about it!!

Dark to Dust Description:

Sandy has a strange and lovely addiction. But like all addictions, it's turning his world upside-down, inside-out. How far will Sanford go to satisfy his growing hunger?

Now, for a little about the author, check out M Leigh Marrott's author bio:

Author M. Leigh Marrott has been coloring the world with her stories since she could talk... just like those pesky aliens used to color her walls at night when she was four. The first poem she actually wrote down was at the age of eleven as she grumbled about cleaning. When she was in high school, her quirky English teacher submitted M. Leigh’s poetry to a local paper and, to the author’s dismay, it was published. In March 2013, she had a collection of haikus published in EFiction Magazine. Since then she has had various other pieces of work (poetry, short stories, and essays) published online. She is currently preparing her first full-length novel to send out to agents. You can find more of her writing at

Author Social Media links
Twitter-- @leighmarrott

My Review:
Ohhhh this one was trippy - in a good way! It was such an interesting concept of a different kind of creature feeding off fear but wanting to feed off joy instead. And the fight against a natural instinct to something different and better. It took me a minute to figure out what these creatures were, but I absolutely loved the idea and how it turned out in the end. I was so surprised and thought it was a perfectly delightful way to end the book!!

Now how about a snippet to help your curiosity along?

I heard footsteps coming. I doubled over in pain as my panicked heart pounded in my chest. I still wasn’t used to that—no one had ever told me it could hurt like that. I reached for the window latch and my hand went right through it. It seemed that as quickly as the golden dust had given me life, the effects had dissipated. I sighed. My no-longer beating heart ached. For a flash of an instant I had been an actual boy, much like the one who was still slightly snoring in his bed. It never lasted long enough. I flew through the glass just as the man I assumed to be the boy’s father opened the door to check on him.

I hovered outside the window, watching as the man tiptoed to his son’s side, adjusted the boy’s blankets, and lightly kissed him on the cheek. The golden aura around the boy burst out from him like the pulse of a supernova, passing through me and out into the night. My once-again solid frame crashed to the ground, landing on the metal garbage cans at the side of the house. I shrank at the noise of it all, the kind of sound that reawakens the dead. The creaking of the window above me jolted me into action and, as the father yelled “Hey!” at me, his head sticking out the now open window, I ran for my newfound life.

Grab your copy here:

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