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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lucky Midas by Kate Palmer

Let's give a big welcome to Author Kate Palmer, and her book Lucky Midas!

Author Bio:
Kate Palmer is the mother of six learning to live in the country surrounded by in-laws. She is married to the amazing Nate Palmer who is teaching her how to be a farm girl. She knows how to butcher a chicken, but can't saddle a horse.

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Back Cover Blurb:

Eight-year-old Lily loves animals, but can't have a pet because of her Mom's allergies. When Lily and her older brother rescue a stray dog, can they find a way to keep him? 

Lucky Midas is an easy chapter book with pictures for kids ages 6-8. There are ten chapters and several colorful illustrations in this kids book for kindle. Children who like kids books about pets will enjoy reading about a brother and sister as they rescue a stray dog. It appeals to readers of girl books and boy books alike. The sentences are short and the vocabulary appropriate for children in first through third grade. 

The dog shot out from under the truck and into the open door of Mrs. William’s antique shop. Lily heard a crash and then Mrs. Williams yelled, “Get out of here you mangy mut.”
The dog came barreling back toward the open door.
Mrs. Williams followed with a broom and hit the dog just as it reached the door.
The dog yelped and Lily held out her hand again, “Come here.”
The dog started coming toward Lily. “That’s it,” Lily whispered, “keep coming.” She glanced over the it’s head to Mrs. William’s angry face.
Mrs. Williams looked between Lily’s outstretched hand and the dog. “You better not let your dog come back here!” she said and slammed her shop door. BLAM!

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