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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Becky's Kiss Review - Fabulous book!!

Becky meets the boy of her dreams, too bad he keeps disappearing.

"It could not be worse for ninth grader Becky Michigan on her first day at a new school, sitting in beet juice and staining her white jeans in a classroom about to fill up with students. In the nick of time, a gorgeous blonde boy named Danny comes in and offers his over-sized baseball jersey so she can cover up, get to the office, and change. By the time she pulls the shirt over her head, however, he has mysteriously disappeared.

Becky scours the school in search of her dream-athlete and wonders why after contact with him she has magically gained the ability to throw a fastball ninety miles per hour! Instead of finding the answer, however, Becky's new skill pits her against the school bully and the entire varsity baseball team.

That night, after her exciting showdown in front of the entire school, Danny shows up at her bedroom window. If she will agree to meet him behind Rutledge High at midnight on the ball field at the edge of the woods, he promises to reveal a secret meant to alter the past and change her life forever."

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Nicholas Fisher is a college professor and a sports enthusiast. He writes adult horror under another name, but thought of the idea for Becky’s Kiss while coaching his son’s baseball team. Since the story involved high school drama he decided to write his first young adult piece. When not writing or teaching, Nicholas Fisher enjoys pizza, reality television, and playing the banjo. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and his son goes to Arizona State University.

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This book was super cute, fun, and just a touch of making you really think. It had a few twists I did not expect but actually really loved. It moved along at a fast pace and kept me interested to see what was next. It was also a very easy ready so I didn't feel like I was ever lost or had to back track to figure out what had happened. It flowed very well. And the end definitely made you think about what was, what could of been, and what is. It was such a great idea and I loved it.
The Characters were likable and you found yourself invested in their story. The situations were realistic enough to be possible even with the paranormal twist. And it all made so much sense in the story that I never questioned any of it as I read. It was so well put together.
I would easily recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good, clean, unique book! 

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