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Friday, April 15, 2016

Book Tour and Review for The Closing

 A story about dying with dignity, friendship and love

Two friends run a real estate business where they sell the homes of elderly, terminally ill people, and help them "close." Anne, a frustrated artist, is conflicted and breaks away to take some of her clients on a cruise meant to be their last hurrah, only to find some romantic complications. In this novel about dying with dignity, friendship, and love, Anne struggles in her journey to be true to herself.

Jenny Hudson, a designer and writer, creates novels, stories, poetry and artwork about contemporary
life. She has completed five novels and has written columns for several Boston area papers. She owns Merrimack Media and hosts and produces The Author Connection, an interview show for both readers and writers.

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This book was different than I expected, but very well written. It was emotional and thought provoking. It put us in situations that really made us wonder, "What would I do for that person" or "how would I proceed when placed in this moment?" It had moments of pleasant joy and of heart breaking grief, anger and humor, and sweet romance sprinkled with doubt and regret but hope for the future. Overall it was an emotional book that gave live to the characters and although the book brings us in with a feeling of being stuck as the character wonders what to do with her life, it left us with a feeling of "the best is yet to come" and a bright future as she works toward knowing herself, her goals, and what matters most - and then reaches for it.

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