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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Changes of the Heart Book Tour

A coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous.

Buying the 1920s farmhouse south of Phoenix, where the rumors of John Dillinger’s gang hid out in the 30s, is supposed to be Grace Evanheart’s way of escaping an old romance. When she finds an ancient diary with a map under the bedroom’s floorboard, the rumors solidify into fact. She doesn’t know who to trust with the news; Micah Stevens, the handsome deputy and the great grandson of the original landowners with whom she’s attracted, or Jerry, the young historian who seems too intent on learning about her new home?
Micah seems convinced their paths cross exactly at the right time and in the right place for them to fall in love. Now he just has to convince Grace of the same thing before suspicions of his real motive have her running again.   

"Debra lives in Southwest Arizona, and has been married to Mike for 36 years. She's the mother of two awesome sons, who married their forever loves, and she's a grandmother to three beautiful grandchildren with one more on the way.

Debra wrote her first novella thirteen years ago just for grins. That brief taste into the world of an author started an undeniable writing obsession rivaling only her love of chocolate. She's an award-winning fine artist, and loves traveling with her husband."

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This was a really sweet story with just enough twist of suspense. I really actually enjoyed reading it and knowing, on the edge, that there was something dangerous happening. There were twists and turns I did not expect, and some very sweet moments. Plus, as a major disaster waiting to happen (I am super accident prone) I could really relate to the main characters. She was very real with her fears, her weaknesses and strengths, and with her reality. The plot itself was not as predictable as I thought it was going to be and the author did a fantastic job of making me doubt that I knew what was going to happen. It was well written and was actually really enjoyable to read.
Clean, sweet, and fun. I highly recommend this book. 

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