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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lord Hyacinthe

When Pandamoon first requested to see my novel I was hesitant and a little dubious. I was also freaked out and excessively excited. I first researched them all I could. They are a new publishing company and many people had their doubts, same as me. I also went into panic mood and had every beta reader who had ever owed me a favor look over my work to see if it was ready to submit to a publisher.

The effort paid off and after having an hour long phone conversation with Zara, the owner of Pandamoon Publishing, I felt confident this is where I wanted my book to make it's debut.

So I give to you the blurb as posted by Pandamoon when my addition to their author family was announced:

We are proud to announce that we have signed Rebecca Lamoreaux for her novel entitled Lord Hyacinthe. Set in 1812 England, this novel represents Pandamoon Publishing’s debut entry into the historical romance genre. We selected this title out of dozens of submissions because of the author’s ability to blend romance and intriguing characters into a distant time period, while creatively weaving suspense, politics, and treachery into the story.

While most of England’s upper class young ladies are busy plotting their next ball or beau, nineteen year old Lady Vivian Thorpe is plotting the downfall of a traitor to her country. Her target is none other than Lord Terrence Hyacinthe, the man whose life was saved by Vivian’s own father. This very debt allows Vivian entrĂ©e into Lord Hyacinthe’s home where she sets about finding the evidence she needs to prove his guilt.

Her duty to her country leads Lady Vivian into an unexpected marriage, a kidnapping plot, and attempted murder. From being shot at to being soundly kissed, Vivian encounters every possible barrier as she attempts to discover Lord Hyacinthe’s treachery—or his innocence. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle…for both of them. Forced to discover the truth together, they don’t know who is the enemy and who is the ally. But what they do know is that someone must be hung for treason.

I'm so happy to be part of the Pandamoon family. What a great group of authors they are. And with all the support and cross promoting - we are all rooting each other on! It's worth checking out all the other authors and their new books as well. See who they are and what they are publishing here at Pandamoon.

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