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Friday, September 27, 2013

Pandamoon Author Event

Last week (Saturday) we threw a party on Facebook

Yes, I said on Facebook!

For anyone who has never been to a party on Facebook, it's quite a different experience but usually tons of fun and involves giveaways and game/prizes.

We enjoyed getting to know the Pandamoon authors by asking questions, sharing photos, and doing Q&A sessions. If you'd like to go learn more about them, you can see the fun party here:

Additionally we had the awesome experience of doing a cover reveal for Jackson Baer! Here is his soon to be released book The Earth Bleeds Red

To get to know each of the authors better, here are the links to every one of their FB pages! Go "Like" them and Pandamoon Publishing! Great things are coming from these authors and within the next 12 months many books of many genres will be available to the public through this source!!

Pandamoon Publishing
Rebecca Lamoreaux
Jackson Paul Baer
Christine Gabriel
Elgon Williams
Heather Jacobs
Chrissy Lessy
Steph Post
Alisse Lee-Goldenberg
Michelle Bellon
Jason Beem
Gina West
McKelle George
Emily Beldon

Thanks to everyone who came and supported the Pandamoon Authors in this event and who continue to support us every day!


  1. SO MUCH FUN! and the authors were a blast! <3

  2. It was the most fun I've had in a while. I think this is the best group of people I've ever worked with. I know that may be taken the wrong way and some of the teams I have belonged to in the past might take some offense, but I truly mean it. I'm definitely looking forward to future events. Thanks to everyone who participated, fellow writers, readers, the odd and curious. And, yes, Jackson, all writers are all crazy, but then, who isn't? A few of us may take it as a challenge to aspire to, being like the Pandamoonians!

  3. What a fantastic, fantastic time..... :)


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