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Monday, March 17, 2014


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

So for Today's Mondays about Me post, I was thinking about the class I took at conference titled Book Marketing 101.

Now, I find that I have an idea of what marketing is. However, I think I don't always keep up on all the different ways to reach out and Brand myself as an author.

So here's some things I learned:

1- Big blocks of texts scare people and long chapters are a turn off. (You would think this would have been obvious to me since it tend to skip through large sections of text rather than read them, but apparently I'm not about to put it together that if it scares me away, it will scare others away too. Ergo, I will try not to scare you all away from my posts with large blocks of text).

2- Basically you have to be on everything. (Did you guys know I have more than just a blog? Seriously, I do! But I thought about it and realized that with all the things you are learning about me, you probably are not familiar with all my other social media sites! Shame on me for not telling you! Links will be at the bottom!)

3 - Research our audience and marketing. (Well, the only research I get is from the feedback you guys leave. So here is my challenge for you today. Tell me, in the comments below, one thing you would like to know about me. Seriously, anything since that will lead me to future Mondays about me Posts. What do you want to know about me or about my writing or about me while I'm writing?)

4 - Make sure every piece of information is valuable to the reader on every platform. (Well, I hope that the information I have been sharing with you is valuable in letting you know me. And in helping other authors market, write, promote, and edit their own books - again, feedback helps here  :)  )

So those are some basics I have learned about marketing. I hope this helps some of you with your books as well. But if you do need help, here is the fabulous site I recommend for book launch parties, blog tours, prize packages, and other ideas:
Loving the Book Launch Party:

As for me, here is my social sites you are welcome to check out and follow!
FB Page:

Happy Monday Everyone (and don't forget to leave your comment with a response from #3)


  1. Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what's your favorite writing music?

  2. Loving the Book Launch Party is fantastic! I have gone to a few of her FB parties myself, and was so impressed that I have a group of six other authors ready to party with her in an upcoming boxed set! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Do you sometimes feel like you just don't belong? What is at the core of your desire to write? There's a couple of 'toughies' for you Rebecca.

  4. Just blogging around and found your blog. So glad to see you here blogging, there is so many deserted blogs these days. Each blog I visit is like meeting someone new. Thanks for letting me visit.

    1. Thanks for visiting Susan! I love finding new blogging friends!


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