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Monday, March 31, 2014

My love for Disney

Mondays about Me

There are some things we never grow out of - that part of our heart that is always a child loves those things and makes us giddy when we encounter them.

For me - one of those things is Disney!

I love all things Disney. I have watched all the movies (I think ....) and I have toys, stuffed animals, snow globes, jewelry boxes, etc. Not like crazy - I don't have a shrine to them! But I do have a few things here and there and I own a lot of the movies. Why? Cause it's fun, it's cute, it makes me feel good, and who doesn't love Disneyland??

I actually used to work at Walt Disney World and I loved it!

A couple of weeks ago I went to Disneyland again!

That's right, I was riding the carousel! I always ride the carousel when I go to that park

So now, why am I telling you this? (ha, my favorite question!)
For one thing - because you now know my weakness! That's something that gets me every time! Cute movies, adorable characters, and fluffy creatures (like Stitch!)

But also I am telling you because I draw a lot of my ideas, character personalities, feelings for a specific scene, moods, etc, from Disney! When I listen to that music I can find exactly what I need!

For example - the song from Frozen when she sings about being stuck in the castle alone and desperate for love and human contact, that is exactly how Miriam (one of my characters) needs to feel. So I listen to that song and use it to describe the feelings it would make me feel to be in that position. It puts me in the mood to write that scene.

Another example - the song Human Again from Beauty and the Beast fills me with hope and it makes for perfect scene writing for those moments in my book where there might be a chance for something wonderful, and I listen to it over and over again as I get that scene set.

I could go on. I don't only listen to Disney music, but sometimes it just nails it right on the head. And that's why it is my top listening station on Spotify :)

So that's my Monday about Me post. I love Disney. I love Disneyland, and sometimes Disney just knows what they are doing to invoke feelings in their audience, so why not use those feelings to better write my scenes?

What music do you use when writing and why?
Comment below (cause I'd love to give some of your favorites a try!)

Happy Monday!

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