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Thursday, April 4, 2013

D: Dr. Pepper

Dear Dr. Pepper,

A while ago a discussion topic was posted on one of our writing group Facebook sites. The questions regarded what drink/soda people prefer while writing. It became apparent, very quickly, that Dr. Pepper was the drink of choice, for the majority, while creativity was taking place. I personally love Dr. Pepper. It is my drink of choice for writing, and for getting rid of the tension headaches I sometimes get while writing.
The question was then posted asking if there could possibly be a connection between Dr. Pepper and Writing. Maybe it's the caffeine that puts us into hyper writing mode and our creative juices go crazy. Maybe it's the release of tension in the back of the neck (definitely true in my case) that allows the blood to flow to the brain, calming headaches and allowing us to push on with our writing for several more hours. Or maybe it's just a really good drink and all of us involved in this non-official survey simply enjoy the idea of finding an excuse to drink it. As most of us are heavily involved in our writing, and typically this is the only time during the day we get to ourselves, maybe it's just the perfect time to kick back and enjoy a Dr. Pepper.
Whatever the reason, thank you Dr. Pepper for your unfailing dedication to our writing efforts. We have appreciated the support and loyalty through the hours of missed sleep and heavy concentration in an effort to create our work and see our dreams become realities.

A Devoted Fan!


  1. Dr. Pep is good, but give me a Coke that burns going down.

  2. Yeah, I posted the question because I drink it while writing and I noticed lots of published authors said they did too! I find it really intriguing that it was the obvious choice.

    And yeah, I drink it for the same reasons as you mentioned above. :) Headache, for sure! It seems to be the only drink that helps with those.

    Awesome post! Love it! :)

  3. My fav? Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper, out of a can, of course. But I also love the Coke bottle in Mexico. Yes, there is a difference. They use real cane sugar in the Mexican canning process. The taste is wicked! Loved the post, Rebecca. Mine is so mundane, but don't let that stop you from popping over at

  4. Hello Rebecca,

    I'm dropping in from the A-Z challenge.

    I have three sons and they love Dr Pepper too. Although not much writing gets done after they've slurped many crazy antics follows so I think perhaps there is some truth in your fun post.

    Best wishes
    Debbie W

  5. Hi! I'm doing the A-Z challenge and saw you on the Authors Think Tank! I LOVE DR PEPPER! (diet anyway). So nice to meet you :-)

  6. I was on Dr. Pepper for 15 years. I religiously drank it which is kind of sad. The addiction grew with each passing year, as did my hips. So five years ago I quit cold turkey, caffeine and all.Now to the this day I can't drink a Dr.pepper it doesn't taste good at all.I try to drink more water than anything now and feel much better, but I do miss Dr.Pepper. :)


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