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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O: Obsessions

When I get writing, and I'm really into a story, I can type like crazy! Seriously, for hours sometimes. The problem comes when I need to take a small break. Then I get distracted and forget what I'm doing. Soon I am finding myself washing dishes or laundry, walking down to the mailbox, or scanning my ridiculously large collection of DVDs to see if there is something I want to watch. Then I remember that I was doing writing sprints, and I get back to the computer.

That's when it happens - I discover my obsessions.

I am obsessed with Facebook and Pinterest! (First step is admitting the problem, right?)
Pinterest is dangerous and addicting! I can spend hours on it pinning thing that I think "Oh I definitely want to try to make that recipe" or "I am totally going to take the time to create that project one day!" and in reality I probably won't do either. But I get obsessed at looking and pinning and dreaming and looking some more.

Obvious distraction!

My other obsession - Facebook - is almost just as bad. I read people's comments, look at photos, follow their posts, and read up on everyone else's writing success while neglecting my own! Then I remember that I was getting on the computer to write, not to read about other people writing. So I get back to writing, with the stupid idea that I'll just leave Facebook open in the background so I can see what's up during my next break between sprints ....

How many of you have said this? Yeah, it doesn't actually work that way because I hear the *ping* that means someone sent me something or commented on something or whatever, and I rush to Facebook to see what they said, liked, commented, posted, etc.

So yes, I have my obsessions and my obvious distractions! And it gets frustrating when I realize how much writing time I've wasted ..... Grrrrr!

So how do I overcome this? hmmmm......

Maybe someone posted some ideas on Facebook or Pinterest! I'll go check ....


  1. It's about balance and figuring out what works for you. Maybe you need to take that break to wash the dishes or check Facebook or maybe you get so caught up in your work, the laundry is just going to have to sit for awhile. Don't be so hard on yourself! :)

  2. LOL. I can relate. (for example I am writing this when I should be working on my book)

  3. Ha Ha. I've been there. I am too easily distracted sometimes.


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