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Monday, April 7, 2014

F - Finding a moment to breathe

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April A-Z Challenge (Letter F)

I tend to stretch myself too far - a lot. The other day I found myself as the "on call" person for two people who needed me to take their children at a moment's notice; was in the middle of finishing a challenge that required me to sew 4 blankets by the end of the day; had several blogs to write; had date night with my hubby; a social event I was required to go to; 2 meetings; Pay all the bills (I do the same day every 2 weeks and it just happened to be that day); 2 Parties to plan; a prize package to put together; 2 gift packages to mail; a 4 page to-do list; and I hadn't even started on cleaning my house, showering, writing on my books, or working out (let alone eating).

This was a breaking point for me. I realized I can't breathe! I am stretched so thin that I don't have 2 seconds to relax.

Sadly, this is usual for me and probably for a lot of you! We want to help others, participate in everything, fill every moment of the day, be as productive as possible, and still have time for ourselves.


There are times when we simply need to remember that our world will still keep rotating even if we didn't write 3 chapters in our book, didn't read a critique, didn't save the world, say NO when someone wants help and we simply don't have time, AND didn't somehow do it all without eating or sleeping.

This is me :) Welcome to my world! I once had a friend say to me "You have to remember that you aren't Super Woman" to which I contemplated replying "But I'm trying to be!" When I realized that I can't try to be super woman without completely running myself into the ground.

So for me today, I have to remember to Find a moment to breath!

My favorite ways to remember to have time for myself are by taking a long bath (either with a book in hand or a movie on my laptop so I stay put - away from the demands of the world for longer); I also love reading while laying in bed in the middle of the day; Going on a walk through the park; and/or playing a game.

So now you know: If you ask me to help with something I will probably say yes. When I do say yes it doesn't mean I actually have time for it but will still manage to get it done. And when I am overburdened and can't breath I will probably still smile at you and pretend I have it all under control (Don't be so easily fooled!)

Now it's your turn - Tell me, in the comments, what do you do when you need to find a moment to breathe?

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