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Thursday, April 17, 2014

O - Oooops (and Organization)

I sometimes get ahead of myself!

A Lot!

For examples, some of you probably saw that this post went live and yet nothing was actually written on it!
I like to be organized, very organized, but I am by nature a very unorganized person

 And I have ADD so sometimes I try to get organized and get distracted

I like to set things up ahead of time so I can stay on top of them - like setting up the posts by letter and putting the date and time they will get published, and then forgetting to actually write the posts.

(It happens a lot more than you think)

I write a to-do list and then misplace it

I line up the things that need to be done first (are most urgent) and then I get a phone call and put a paper on top of my pile to write a message from the call. Then I forget the pile is underneath the message paper.

I leave myself reminders and alarms on my phone, but then when they go off I can't remember why I set them.

and I lose everything that's important while I can tell you exactly where I set the chocolate I only half finished

etc. etc. etc.

You get the point! But seriously, I do love organization - I just can't seem to remember to stay ahead of it ...

How do you organize? Or are you an unorganized person and that seems to work better for you?

(Maybe that's what I should try... un-organization just might be my friend)

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