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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

M - Michelle Bellon

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview the amazing and talented Michelle Bellon.

Michelle is the author of the amazing book Rogue Alliance

As I was saying, I had a fun time interviewing Michelle. The answers she gave below and fun and insightful!

Go ahead - enjoy!

      1.  Who is your favorite character from your book and why?
Brennan is my favorite because he’s so complex. He is very strong and dangerous due to his instincts to kill, but he’s also vulnerable and kind- a lethal combination. That said, I’ve had a lot of readers say how much they enjoyed the villain, Victor. He’s one that you love to hate.

       2.  What secret talents do you have?
I’m not very talented. I’m still shocked that I’ve managed to write entire novels. Can that be a talent?

      3.  Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?
Before I began the lengthy, painful process of querying agents and publishers I had no idea how familiar I would become with rejection. With four books published, I’ve obviously had acceptance letters and offers along the way, but before those came there were lots and lot and lots of rejections. It’s not a fun ratio. Then when I did finally get a contract I learned that the remainder of the process would be just as lengthy. I also learned that my book needed a lot of work. That’s when I really began to learn the craft of writing. I didn’t want to just write a book. I wanted to write a well written book. Those first few were good stories but I look back and see their imperfections. The more I write the better I get at it. That’s how it works.

      4.  Where is one place you want to visit that you haven't been before?
My husband and I desperately want to go to Egypt and visit the pyramids. We are both fascinated by ancient knowledge and civilizations and that’s one of the key places we would love to experience in person.

      5.  If you had to go back and do it all over, is there any aspect of your novel or getting it published that you would change?
That’s a tough question because, as most writers will tell you, they never feel like their work is good enough. There are always things that could be improved. With this story the only thing I sometimes question is why I decided to write the sequel. I had no clue how much pressure I would feel once I committed to that. Needless to say, book two is only about halfway finished.

     6.  What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I don’t use any organizational tools, like outlines, chapter layouts, etc. I scribble a couple of lame notes and then I just start writing. Often, I don’t even know what’s going to happen. I just have the characters in my head and a general plot then go. Also, when I’m stuck I stop to play a game of solitaire. It works wonders.

     7.  What is something you want to accomplish before you die?
Wow, some of these are hard hitting questions. I like it. OK. If I’m being brutally honest here, I’d have to say that I just want to feel proud of myself. I want to look back and know that I did the best I could to reach my full potential as a mother, a wife, a friend, a coworker, and as a writer.

     8.  Do you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process?
Yes, absolutely! People really do judge a book by its cover. It’s the first thing that makes you stop, look, inspect and then decide, “Hey, this looks like something I want to read.”

     9.  Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
I always get a little intimidated by this question because I don’t have some wise, laborious answer. I don’t sit and brainstorm and mastermind over plots, generally speaking. The ideas for my stories just POP into my head, often while driving or sometimes I’ll even dream them. Once the idea is there and I decide it’s something I want to write then I’ll do some brainstorming and research but the idea itself is presented to me, like a little gift.

     10. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
That I not only have these amazing stories inside of me but that I can get them onto paper in a logical, systematic fashion that makes sense. Before, I’d read books and I’d be fascinated, amazed how writers were able to synthesize so much information and creativity into a gripping story. I thought it would be overwhelming and I’d give up. That is the case sometimes but eventually it does come out with perseverance and patience.

THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog today Michelle!! It's been so much fun getting to know more about you!

If you enjoyed getting to know Michelle, you can learn more about her at the links below!

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