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Monday, April 28, 2014

X - xtraordinary

We are almost to the end of our challenge! But we have a couple more days, so bear with me!

Today we have X and I'm cheating and using the word Extraordinary (without the E)

Also, today is my Monday about Me Post

Here goes:

This last weekend I went to LDStorymakers and I loved it! It was such an extraordinary writing conference!

I had so many extraordinary teachers and topics and I left with my brain feeling extremely overloaded with great information that is going to make me an exemplary writer (if I can only manage to implement all the things I learn - and I do mean ALL  of them)

But when I come come with my brain exploding with this information, that is when I do my best writing! That's my secret of the day. Although I want to sleep for about 2 days I also have a strong desire to write and to write well! Maybe I need more of this type of feeling and maybe I'm be more inclined to write more than I do!

Anyway, I'm sure you all want to see the extraordinary weekend I had, and all the extraordinary people I met. so here it is ...

Tara Mayoros, Courtney Millecam, Christine Walter, Lydia Taggart, Lauri Schoenfeld,
Me, Cindy Hogan, and Jen Gamboa

I found Wendy Knight!!

And met McKelle George!!

And totally discovered how cool Chantele Sedgwick is in person!!

And hung out with Sara Eden and Janette Rallison!!

Met Orson Scott Card and took his class!!

Reconnected with Jennie Bennett who I haven't seen in almost 11 years!!

Took an amazing class from Brandon Sanderson!!

Became a new fan of Stephanie Fowers and Amanda Sowards!!

Laughed and talked with Michelle Wilson and Chad Morris
(Then went shopping with Michelle Wilson's credit card! She's super trusting .... ;) )

Made a new friend - Terri Ferran!!

Finally met the amazing Peggy Eddleman!! She rocks!! (Also we were partners for the November Challenge
and basically she totally made me live up to my goals and make it through!)

Julie Wright (I also took an incredible class from her!) and
Heather Moore (who constantly makes me feel in awe cause of her awesomeness!)

Ran into Rebecca Rode, Marcia Mickelson, Wendy Knight, and Jaclyn Weist at the book signing!!

Laughed so hard I cried with Cindy Hogan!!

Encountered the amazing Donna Hatch many times through the two days and
ended up at the Whitney Awards with her (Isn't she so lovely?)

And enjoyed the Whitney Awards with Lauri, Tara, Christine, and Donna Weaver!
I met so many people and took so many classes and I can't even begin to explain it! You must all come next year and see for yourself!

Extremely Amazing
Extraordinary classes and teachers
Exciting in every way
And I'm excessively tired

This was an exquisite weekend guys and I hope you all enjoy see the fun people I encountered, and I hope that with the knowledge I acquired I can create some fabulous stories for you all to enjoy!

Oh and did I mention I made off with quite the haul of books?

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow! You took lots of pictures! I didn't think to pull my camera out and take any until I lost it. HA HA! It was great meeting you and of course we'll keep in touch. I need a beta reader after all. :)

    1. It was so awesome to meet you too! And yes, we must be critique partners now! I think we really could work well together!

  2. It was so great to finally meet you! And to see your cute new hair! :D

    I love Storymakers. It's full of so many awesome people.


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